Sainsburys also pushes compostable plastic bags

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Sainsbury's also promotes compostable plastic packaging bags

Sainsbury's supermarket chain, the largest food retailer in the UK, recently decided to use compostable packaging bags to replace the original plastic packaging bags, so as to achieve the goal of saving 3500 metric tons of plastic packaging every year

Justin king, general manager of the group, said that it was estimated that 150million plastic plates and plastic bags containing food and organic food would disappear every year. "In this way, more than 4000 metric tons of fossil fuels can be saved every year."

it is said that the company is trying biodegradable packaging made of corn, sugarcane and starch in terms of durability, but the spokesman of the company refused to disclose which packaging company it cooperates with

Sainsbury's said that this change of packaging bags can be called a packaging environment, such as rubber bands, will be much better to protect the revolution, and it is also the largest initiative in history to completely eliminate plastic packaging bags on British streets

this initiative is also another large-scale packaging bag revolution after IKEA adopted corn compostable plastic packaging bags last week

information source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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