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Motorola's salary and performance management

the salary and promotion of Motorola employees are closely linked to evaluation, but the purpose of Motorola's employee evaluation is not only to provide a basis for employee salary adjustment and promotion. The purpose of Motorola's evaluation is to closely integrate individual and team businesses with the company's goals; Clarify the results to be achieved and the specific leadership behaviors required in advance; Improve the quality of dialogue; Enhance the common of managers, teams and individuals in achieving continuous progress; Seek the best fit between job requirements and personal abilities, interests and priorities

evaluation objective

the score card of Motorola's performance evaluation is formulated with reference to the national quality standards of the United States. Each department sets its own goals for specific businesses according to this quality standard. The annual work goals set by Motorola employees include two aspects: one is the strategic direction, including long-term strategies and priority goals; The other is performance, which may include employees' financial situation and the relationship between customers, employees and partners, as well as employees' leadership, strategic plan, customer attention, information and analysis ability, human development, process management, etc

the implementation of employees' goals requires the participation of the boss and subordinates. Motorola will assess the implementation of employees' goals every three months

employees have a closely connected partner in their work, which Motorola calls key work partner. They can promote each other's work. There are close ties between colleagues across departments and colleagues in the same department, so that the assessment can reach a 360 degree balance

how to avoid misunderstandings

the focus of some people in their work is not the customer, but how to satisfy their boss. This situation also leads to misunderstandings in evaluation: one is that the employee's performance is relatively general, but the boss trusts him very much; The other is the employees who joined the team later, with good grades, but did not build trust with the boss. At this time, the meticulous work of the human resources department becomes very important. The human resources department will spend a lot of energy on the top 25 and bottom 25 people in work performance. Sometimes if this person is very capable and the boss doesn't pay attention to it, the human resources department will help him find a good boss

reward for merit

Motorola's year-end evaluation is carried out in January every year. The personal evaluation is once a quarter, which makes the test piece suffer great additional strain. The agile crushing door evaluation is once a year, and the business is summarized at the end of the year. According to score card, the company decides the increase of employees' personal salary at the end of the year, and also promotes employees based on performance. Motorola selects cadres all year round. Generally, the time is in February and March every year. The company selects management elites to the headquarters to assess and study, and will set specific personnel in May and June

the quality of managers is the key

if employees feel unfair to the evaluation, they can refuse to sign the evaluation results. Each employee's evaluation form will be signed by his/her supervisor and the leader of the supervisor, so his/her superior will understand the problems and participate in understanding the situation and solving the problems

the quality of evaluation has a great relationship with managers. Motorola attaches great importance to the quality of managers, because managers are the executors of the system, so there are many clear conditions for selecting managers. For example, Motorola has four requirements for the quality of vice president candidates: first, high personal moral quality; The second is to be able to effectively manage their own personnel in the overall environment; The third is to implement the overall business objectives well, including the best effect, the lowest cost and the fastest speed; Fourth, we need to innovate, understand customers, boldly promote some projects and carry out innovation and reform. Vice presidents need to have these four qualities, and they also need to be balanced. Motorola has many quality training and professional ethics training for leaders. Motorola also gave them transnational training opportunities to do projects around the world and let them know that there are more than one way to do things. Motorola attaches importance to the quality of managers. If the management means are inappropriate and serious management mistakes are made, Motorola will dismiss the managers

it is appropriate to carefully check the salary that should be changed

in Motorola, the salary standard starts with the position, and there may be a gap in the same position, because it depends on the work performance. Some special talents may be recruited from abroad, and their salaries are linked to the international market. Motorola's salary level is in the middle of the market. In the past, the basic salary accounted for a large percentage in Motorola's salary structure, in addition to the year-end bonus. After 2000, the capital structure of the detector used by Motorola to judge the quality state of materials under dynamic load changed, some variable wages were increased, and the bonus once a year was changed to be paid quarterly. In the past, bonuses were linked to the global market. After 2000, the performance of a national unit was used as the basis for bonus assessment

adjust salary scientifically

if employees are dissatisfied with their salary, they should raise it to the human resources department, and Motorola will conduct market research. If it is really lower than the market average level, Motorola will adjust salary generally. Employees in Chengdu once reported that their wages were low. The human resources department found that this was indeed the case through market research, so they gave employees a raise

when employees first work in Motorola, the difference in academic qualifications will be reflected in the salary, for example, there will be differences between graduate students and undergraduate students. After work, it is very likely that undergraduates will earn more than postgraduates. With the passage of time, senior employees may have a large base after several years of salary increases, so the increase of fresh graduates will be higher than that of senior employees. Motorola will make an exception for creative people

everyone has a career

the manager level of Motorola is junior manager, Department Manager, regional manager (director), vice president (concurrently director or general manager), and senior vice president. In Motorola, the proportion of male and female employees is equal. Motorola's former expensive managers number 664, and the number of female managers accounts for 23% of the total managers, and plans to grow to 40% In Motorola, workers who graduated from technical secondary school also rose to department managers. Motorola's strong training has provided many people with room for growth. In Motorola, technicians can engage in management, and managers can also do technology. The salaries of those who do management and those who do technology are comparable. In many enterprises, everyone looks at the position of professional managers, because they can get as much money as those who do technology and managers at Motorola. Motorola has professional titles for many functional departments, such as economists, associate professors and professors in the legal department and human resources department. Motorola has 1377 professionals with internal professional titles, distributed in 8 different public institutions. (end)

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