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SAIC Group and Ningde times signed a strategic cooperation focusing on the recycling of power batteries of new energy vehicles. On March 22, SAIC Group and Ningde times signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation. The two sides intend to further deepen cooperation and discuss jointly promoting the recycling and reuse of power batteries of new energy vehicles

the two industry leaders work together to create a complete new energy industry. Turning the buffer to the appropriate position can close the energy industry chain, which will not only effectively promote the production of new energy, but also ensure the healthy development of the industry, but also effectively promote the construction of national circular economy and ecological civilization with practical actions

SAIC attaches great importance to the power battery recycling business. During the "two sessions" this year, Chen Hong, deputy to the National People's Congress and Secretary of the Party committee of SAIC Motor Group, put forward the "suggestions on regulating the recycling of new energy vehicles and the cascade utilization of power batteries to promote the construction of ecological civilization". The specific contents of the proposal include:

○ set up the recycling qualification of new energy vehicles

○ set up the technical access threshold for power battery cascade utilization enterprises

○ uniformly plan and build the parks for recycling and dismantling of new energy vehicles, cascade utilization of power batteries, and renewable utilization of power batteries

○ in combination with the social credit reporting system, the owners should bear the corresponding cost of power battery recycling

○ in the subsidy policy, Consideration of factors to increase the effective recycling of power batteries

○ R & D subsidies for cascade utilization of power batteries

as a leader in the automotive industry, SAIC Group's "electric drive, battery and electronic control" three electric core technology has reached the domestic leading and international first-class level, and has become the only automotive enterprise in China that adheres to the synchronous development of pure electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell new energy technologies

in June 2017, SAIC Group cooperated with Ningde times to build a highly intelligent, green and environmentally friendly advanced battery and battery system production base. In December of that year, SAIC's annual sales of new energy vehicles surged 156% year-on-year, much higher than the average growth rate of about 50% in China's new energy vehicle market

in January 2018, SAIC's "key technology and industrialization of low-energy plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles" project won the second prize of the 2017 National Science and technology progress award, becoming the only award-winning independent research and development project in the automotive industry, and it is also the first time that new energy passenger vehicle technology has won the national science and Technology Award for steel surface at the contact with electrode

in March 2018, SAIC and Infineon launched IGBT (power electronic drive module) joint venture and cooperation to achieve strategic positioning in this highly monopolized but disconnected field of global technology

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