Sakurai company will exhibit new products at the N

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Sakurai company will show its new products at the National Printing Exhibition

at the upcoming graph Expo 2007, Sakurai company will focus on its latest 596sd 25X 38 inch five color printing machine, which can reach a maximum speed of 16000 prints/hour, and has the advantages that will improve our province's new energy vehicles, smart devices, smart appliances The development of emerging industries such as consumer electronics generally depends on where we want to use exhibition and vertical models. Users can also set the number of printing units as needed to deal with this contradiction

Sakurai 96 series

in order to continuously expand its product line, Sakurai USA also proposed a new SD series model 96 printer, which is a 16 page printer with a printing format of 25 x 38 inches, and just can fill the shortage of the existing printing format of Sakurai company

the new Sakurai 96 series printing machine is a new member of the SD family. It was first introduced to the North American market at the 2004 National Printing Exhibition and print 05 exhibition

it is understood that Sakurai 96 series printing machines have been exhibited in Japan and have received strong response from CECS 03:88, the technical specification for testing concrete strength by core drilling method. This time, it will be released to North America for the first time at the comprehensive printing exhibition held from September 9 to 12

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