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Pepsi "red can" angered consumers, Coca Cola issued a statement

recently, Pepsi Cola, which has always been famous for its blue camp, suddenly changed its product packaging to red. After brewing for many days, Coca Cola in the red camp finally issued an official response to this:

recently, many consumers called for advice, saying that when they bought Coca Cola in the supermarket, In the fourth quarter, the order volume of injection molding machines fell by nearly 5 percentage points compared with the same period in 2012. Pepsi Cola in red packaging is often taken by mistake. In this regard, we have collected a lot of evidence that Pepsi Cola is the same or similar to Coca Cola in many aspects, such as packaging, taste, and even the interpretation of red. The target customer base is also exactly the same. The double precision problem party has a direct competitive relationship in this business

after the research and verification of the marketing department, the analysis of relevant experts shows that this behavior of Pepsi is malicious manipulation, and does not conform to Pepsi's own brand specifications at all. In fact, it is the result of malicious manipulation of the product shape by using its packaging and the popularity and influence of Coca Cola to help Pepsi Cola increase sales

Coca Cola is in the leading position in the industry in terms of taste and carbonate content, but the above behavior of Pepsi forced consumers to give up using Coca Cola and experience Pepsi's red packaging products without knowing it, which seriously damaged the interests and reputation of Coca Cola and led consumers to doubt the reliability of Coca Cola's brand, It caused great economic losses to Coca Cola company. Coca Cola believes that PepsiCo, as an internationally renowned fast-moving consumer goods company, its bad behavior has violated the basic industry ethics and norms, and is also raping public opinion and deceiving consumers

Coca Cola strongly condemns Pepsi for its malicious manipulation of packaging, rape, deception of consumers, damage to the reputation and interests of other companies, and serious violation of the basic norms of the industry. It requires Pepsi to immediately stop and correct its mistakes, and apologize in the media

serious statement:

first, our company will act in strict accordance with Chinese laws and regulations within the definition of laws and regulations

II. Our company has never and will not have any staff members threatening anyone

Third, Coca Cola production strictly abides by the relevant regulations and rules, and there are no unapproved ingredients and packaging in the products. It is hoped that some remarks aimed at product packaging hype will not mislead consumers

IV. some words and deeds aimed at product packaging hype have damaged the reputation of our company and Coca Cola brand, and we hope that the tolerance has not caused connivance to malicious hype, so as to make the speculators discipline their words and deeds and stop untrue remarks

Coca Cola Co., Ltd.

September 13, 2007

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