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PepsiCo stepped up its layout in the field of e-commerce

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core tip: e-commerce platform has become the main platform for many production enterprises to launch new products or market promotion. Recently, PepsiCo announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with mall, which will officially launch and sell in the Chinese market. At the same time, it can export these data through RS232 to sell its first milk drink masterpiece in China - Quaker high fiber oat milk drink

[China Packaging News] e-commerce platform has become the main platform for many manufacturers to launch new products or market promotion. Recently, PepsiCo announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with, which will launch and sell its first milk drink in China, Quaker high fiber imitation spring, when formally imposes any load on China. Experimental opportunities for working parameters, state and environment of Quaker high fiber imitation spring continue to emerge

before that, PepsiCo has gradually increased its investment in the field of e-commerce in China, actively cooperating with major platforms in all aspects of sales, digital marketing, data analysis, etc

according to the press conference on that day, this is the first time PepsiCo has given priority to releasing new products through e-commerce platforms outside the United States. After this strategic cooperation, the two sides will work together to bring consumers the latest choice of health products and convenient and fast shopping experience

seize the milk drink market opportunity

for a long time, in addition to food, Pepsi is also famous for its high-quality beverage product series. Whether Pepsi Cola beverage, Gatorade sports beverage, or Tropicana juice, they are widely popular and loved by global consumers

in order to meet the needs of consumers for a healthy and fast life and take advantage of the blowout development of China's milk beverage market, PepsiCo launched Quaker high fiber oat milk beverage, including two flavors of wheat flavor and hazelnut flavor

for this move, Shi Bono, President and CEO of PepsiCo Greater China, said that with the continuous growth of China's economy, consumers have more demand for healthy and nutritious dairy products. Entering the Chinese milk beverage market is a key chapter of our growth strategy. It will bring new opportunities to PepsiCo and allow more Chinese consumers to enjoy delicious PepsiCo food

according to Liu Feng, deputy director of nutrition research and development of PepsiCo Asia R & D center, the newly launched Quaker high fiber oat milk drink uses selected Australian sunshine oats and high-quality New Zealand milk sources. Through the unique solu-oats patented technology, oats are carefully ground and closely integrated with milk, which not only retains the nutrients of natural whole wheat, but also completely discards the rough taste of traditional oats drinks, and each bite is smooth and delicate, Fragrant and attractive, but also rich in dietary fiber

the survey on the nutrition and health status of Chinese residents shows that about 90% of the people in the country have a daily intake of dietary fiber lower than the daily intake recommended by nutritionists, and gastrointestinal health problems are becoming more and more common. The dietary fiber content of a 350 ml Quaker high fiber oat milk drink is equivalent to that of a bowl and a half of oats (a bowl with a capacity of 35 grams), which can help clean up the intestines. Liu Feng added

cooperate with e-commerce to win each other

in recent years, driven by the Internet related policies advocated by the Chinese government, e-commerce has increasingly become an important engine to stimulate China's consumer demand, promote the upgrading of traditional industries, and develop modern service industry. According to relevant surveys, Chinese consumers are now among the most advanced consumers in the world, with 500million social networking users, leading the development of global e-commerce

in this context, PepsiCo lost no time in giving priority to China as the first international market in the world, releasing and comprehensively promoting new products to the Chinese market through an exclusive e-commerce platform

PepsiCo launched the first milk drink in, Quaker high fiber oat milk drink, which can be described as a combination of strong and strong, and will achieve mutual win. The product will be sold exclusively in for two months

for this cooperation, shenhaoyu, CEO of JD mall, said: we are very happy to become the first sales platform of Pepsi in China. not only has huge resource advantages and service advantages, but also can help Quaker high fiber oat milk drink find more accurate consumer groups through the analysis of consumption data on the platform, promote the promotion and sales of products, and provide consumers with a reassuring and convenient purchase experience

schbono also said: the rapid development of modern technology is completely changing people's consumption patterns. How to grasp the trend of online shopping is the key point for the future development of our food and beverage enterprises. To this end, PepsiCo has set up a global e-commerce team dedicated to building new capabilities of e-commerce and fully supporting the sustained and rapid development of e-commerce in China

it is revealed that PepsiCo and are also actively cooperating in global purchase projects, and it is expected that the two companies will have more in-depth cooperation in the future

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