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People and Doosan (China) join hands again

Guide: in view of the important position of economic development zones in China's economic construction, people overseas specially planned a special interview activity for the eastern chronicle, which our company will give strong sponsorship and support, This is another very meaningful experiment of various experimental curves (torque time curve, torque angle curve, angle time curve, etc.) since entering the new West. The working state of the experimental machine is dynamic. This

in view of the important position of economic development zones in the field of China's economic construction, people's overseas edition specially planned the special interview activity of the eastern chronicle. Our company will give strong sponsorship and support to this activity, which is another very meaningful activity since "entering the new West"

since May 7, 2007, this trip to eastern China has made extensive reports on the current situation of eastern China. It passed through Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Fujian for the first time to test the water to hold an exhibition, attracting the attention of the industry, Guangdong and other 14 provinces and cities. It lasted 90 days and covered 28000 kilometers. As the only sponsor of this large-scale report, it aims to help people visually show the east to the world, and sincerely wishes the special report on the Eastern Long March a complete success

after 20 years of reform and opening up, the eastern coastal areas of China have achieved all-round and rapid development in economy, politics, social culture and other aspects. China's comprehensive national strength has been continuously enhanced, its gross national product has been continuously increased, and its foreign exchange reserves are in the forefront of the world; Once a fishing village and an inconspicuous small wharf, they have now developed into a world-wide metropolis

after more than 20 years of reform and opening up to the outside world, the eastern coastal areas have attracted foreign businessmen from all over the world to invest and develop here; Most of the world's top 500 enterprises have come here to invest and seek business opportunities. It is rich in human resources, gathering all kinds of compound middle and senior talents, knowledge-based talents and professional high-level people to "sew" talents in the interlayer; In addition, water resources and natural resources are relatively rich; At the same time, it also has strong economic strength and convenient transportation facilities. With the continuous deepening of economic system reform, it has taken the lead in developing and embarked on the road of becoming rich, becoming the guide and model of China's economic development. The economic development of coastal areas has laid a solid foundation for China to become a world economic power, and also accumulated rich experience for China's economy to go global

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