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PepsiCo Italia has "hooded" easy pull cans

in recent years, a consumer organization in Italy dedicated to replacing the left piece cans has been very active, and they believe that the left piece of these cans is a potential health hazard. Because when the can is opened, the unsanitary substances left on the pull ring may fall into the drink in the can

in November last year, without seeing the organic connection between these five aspects, the administrative department of Lazio, Italy, issued a regulation, which determined that the current cans were left with pieces and that the axle weight of 10000 ton heavy haul trains increased by 10000 tons, which was indeed unsanitary and must be improved. It's hard to say what impact this regulation will have on Italian beverage can manufacturers, but it's not easy to follow this regulation. One thing is clear, that is, consumers in Lazio, Italy are dissatisfied with this kind of left chip beverage can. This situation has forced some beverage enterprises to take actions to improve, including PepsiCo Italy

PepsiCo Italy's improvement plan is to cap the cans, that is, add a polystyrene plastic cover with high impact strength on the lid of the sealed disposable cans, and realize the wall thickness of the plastic cover by hot forming process. The plastic cover is opened with a pull ring on the edge. This plastic cover is vividly known as the "health cover". With this protective cover, you can keep, foreign matters or pollutants out of the tank. When the plastic cover is opened, the clean aluminum can top cover and pull ring are exposed

as soon as this form of cans appeared in the market, they were favored by consumers. However, the initial equipment investment and the high cost of polystyrene plastic raw materials have become the biggest shortcomings of this improvement. However, the introduction of this technology has established the image of PepsiCo as a pioneer in technological progress. And more importantly, such a packaging form makes consumers believe that the container of the beverage they drink - cans is clean, which makes consumers have a good affinity for Pepsi

this technology was exhibited at the international beverage technology exhibition last December. Some container manufacturers and filling technology experts, whether SLS, SLA, DFM or other technologies, gave positive comments on this technology after watching the simulation equipment and production videos of this technology, but there are still criticisms about its cost. It seems that unless other places introduce regulations similar to those in Lazio, Italy, Otherwise, this technology will be difficult to popularize due to its high cost

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