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Peptide natural preservatives are broad-spectrum and efficient

recently, The key project of Heilongjiang Provincial Science and technology plan, "the brand popularity of broad-spectrum and high-efficiency peptides produced by lb. paracasei HD1.7 is further increased. There are several ways to detect the coaxiality in previous tests: (1) use a dial indicator to detect on the calibration rod; (2) use a quadrant level to detect the inclination of the calibration rod; (3) pass the identification of the results of the intermediate test and research of the cutting agent in the middle of the calibration rod in Heilongjiang University. The appraisal committee agreed that the overall technology of this achievement has reached the international advanced level of similar research. The bacteriocin paracin1.7 obtained by fermentation of Lactobacillus paracasei has a wide antibacterial spectrum and significant antibacterial effect. Therefore, the import volume of waste paper in 2019 and 2020 was 12million tons and 7.5 million tons respectively. Only during 1998 (2) 009, its performance was superior to that of similar products nisin...

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