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The "people's Cup" AC contactor assembly competition was held in Longzhong. On September 5, the first Liushi town workers' Skills Games, sponsored by Liushi town trade union and Liushi Federation of industry and Commerce and co organized by people's electrical appliance group, officially kicked off. As an important part of this series of activities, the "people's Cup" AC contactor assembly competition attracted many players. A total of 178 front-line employees from 43 well-known electrical appliance enterprises in the town showed their skills, and won the full affirmation of on-site leaders, experts and judges

in the morning of the same day, the opening ceremony of the first Liushi town workers' Skill Games was held in the town government. Ye Yusen, general manager of people's electric appliance group, attended the opening ceremony and took a seat on the rostrum

at the opening ceremony, with the order of shaochunwei, chairman of Liushi town trade union, "now I declare that the first Liushi town workers' Skills Games competition begins!", Then five teams rushed to the venues, including the "people's Cup" AC contactor assembly race, "Tianzheng Cup" miniature circuit breaker assembly race, "Xingle Cup" forklift skill race, "xinxinya Cup" restaurant service race, "City three medical Cup" CPR operation race

in order to further encourage and guide the majority of employees to stand on their posts, learn knowledge, practice skills, strengthen quality, and strive to become knowledge-based, skilled, and compound modern workers, people's electric appliance actively responded to the upsurge of socialist labor competition set off by the Liushi town trade union. The youth League Committee and the trade union of the group selected 19 young employees from the production workshops of Zhejiang company through a series of youth workers' technical competitions such as the "youth pioneer", Participated in this competition. According to Zheng Jingjie, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the group, who came to the competition site to cheer up the young workers, the 19 contestants are excellent in terms of psychological quality, technical and professional quality and so on. Ye Xiang, general manager and chairman of the trade union of the Group Import and export company, and chairman of the "people's Cup" AC contactor assembly competition, even different metastable phases coexist. Yu said that this activity is not only a test of the management level of the people's electrical appliance workshop, but also an opportunity to promote mutual exchange and learning between industries

this competition is scored on a 100 point scale, with two major items: speed and quality. In terms of speed, it stipulates how many AC contactors the contestants must assemble within the limited time, and strictly limits the quality requirements from seven aspects, accounting for 60 points in total; It is not only required that the product assembly is complete, the surface is clean, and the inside and outside are intact, but also that the fasteners are not allowed to loose. After the instrument inspection, the product also requires that the opening distance and starting distance meet the technical requirements, each of which has 6 times of pull in, and the moving part is flexible and reliable, free of jamming and noise. In 2016, the annual sales of small household appliances increased by nearly 12% year-on-year

the red banner of "strive to make yourself a technical expert and craftsman in your own position" was particularly eye-catching at the competition site. The contestants showed their own skills and showed their unique skills. They were meticulous in operation and devoted themselves to the competition in a nervous and orderly manner. The skillful movements of the contestants from time to time won the audience's frequent nods and gentle admiration

Chen Dalu, a judge of the "people's Cup" AC contactor assembly competition and professor of the electrical Department of Wenzhou Vocational and technical college, spoke highly of it%): c0.64 participated in this competition. He told that the event was well organized. Through the competition, it can be seen that a new round of labor competition for speed and quality has been set off. Among them, product quality has been mentioned by various enterprises as the top priority. It is a very gratifying phenomenon to make titanium alloy have good ductility and plasticity

according to the person in charge of the organizing committee, the results of this competition will be announced on the eve of national day. This newspaper will continue to follow up and report. Please pay attention to it

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