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People: no UTM experimental machine can also be used for crushing experiments of injection molded products of any shape, such as bottles. Wuxi Xinjie electric uses domestic products to support innovation

Wuxi Xinjie Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development and application of industrial automation products. Not long ago, when I visited the enterprise, what impressed the author was not how they bravely tackled key problems and developed products with independent intellectual property rights, but how they supported domestic products: for all equipment and software required for production, domestic ones should be used as much as possible; Employees who buy family cars will receive a subsidy of 30000 yuan for each car of national brands, while those who buy imported cars will pay their own expenses

the above local policies supporting domestic products originate from the innovation troubles encountered by Chairman Li Xin at the beginning of his Entrepreneurship: the new products developed by the enterprise with great efforts are not inferior to the imported similar products in terms of overall performance indicators, and the price is much cheaper than the imported ones, but they are not trusted by users and are often rejected. Finally, they have to adopt the method of free trial or even free gift to promote their innovative products. Facts speak louder than words. After users use them, they change their prejudice against domestic products and look at their products with new eyes

what we lack now is the trust in independent innovative products. Speaking of this, Li Xin sighed a lot: of course, it can't be entirely the fault of consumers. One of the important reasons is that China's original independent innovation products are few, there are many imitations, and there are many imports. Over time, a deep-rooted prejudice has formed in the society: foreign brands are good for everything, and domestic products, especially newly developed products, are immature and unreliable

Li Xin's emotion must be shared by most enterprises engaged in innovation. In many years of interviews, the author also encountered many similar cases, and many business leaders even lamented that it is difficult to innovate, and it is more difficult to promote and apply innovative products

it is natural for consumers to demand mature and reliable products, but realistically speaking, it is very difficult to achieve complete maturity and absolute reliability, especially for new products. The large-scale automobile recalls that are common in newspapers are typical examples of China's real economy today. Both domestic and foreign innovative products are finding problems and improving in the process of use, so as to become more and more mature

for enterprises actively engaged in innovation, user support is crucial. On the one hand, only when users actively purchase and use, can the new products of the enterprise find defects and problems in application, so as to continuously improve the design scheme, technical route or production process, so as to continuously improve the product quality and reliability; On the other hand, the research and development of new products takes a long time, with large investment and high risk. Only when they can be sold can they be collected. Otherwise, the machine will be destroyed, the cost will be recovered, and profits will be made. Only then can funds be put into a new round of research and development, forming a virtuous circle; Otherwise, it is easy to break the capital chain, get into trouble or even go bankrupt. In fact, it is not uncommon to die on the road because innovative products cannot be sold; The popular saying that non innovation is waiting for death and innovation is seeking death is not groundless

from the rise of the automobile industry in Japan and South Korea, it is easier to see the importance of consumer support. In the 1950s and 1960s, the automobile industry of the two countries started with difficulty against the background that Europe and the United States were far ahead, and the difficulty can be imagined. When there is no way to export, it is precisely because of the strong support of the national government and the enthusiastic support of the domestic people that their cars can be improved and matured day by day, and successfully go to the world

to support domestic innovative products, governments at all levels and leading cadres should naturally set an example. Recently, the state leaders used the new domestic Hongqi sedan when receiving foreign guests, which undoubtedly sent an exciting signal. We have reason to believe that with the support of governments and leading cadres at all levels, starting from China, more and more people will be willing to buy and use domestic innovative products. Shanghai has introduced the index of rigid foam polyurethane board and other thermal insulation materials

of course, enterprises that are determined to innovate and aspire to high vision should make great efforts to improve their independent innovation ability, production technology and quality control, and win the support and return the trust of consumers with excellent quality, reliable performance, exquisite appearance and friendly experience

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