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Advertising development trend of modern packaging (Part 2)

II. The rise of CI movement launched packaging that can reflect the spirit of enterprise.

CI movement, which rose in the mid-1950s, swept the economically developed countries in the 1970s. The purpose of Ci is to integrate the corporate philosophy (MI) with the corporate code of conduct (BI) and express it in a "visual communication system" (VI), also known as corporate image design. Packaging decoration and advertising belong to the scope of improvement, which makes the performance field of packaging decoration develop to a deeper level

American Kodak film is an old famous brand in the film industry. The packaging adopts golden yellow, which is also regarded as noble in the West. The word "Kodak" is the sound of camera shutter, and the deformation of "K" is the main graphic. It is not only the first letter of Kodak, but also the meaning of king according to its propaganda, highlighting its authority and kingliness

Fuji group of Japan, which implemented CI in the 1970s, focused on the bright green, a symbol of youth, highlighted its registered words with red in the slanting bleeding white belt, and the font was deliberately handled into a fist shape, full of movement, indicating that a new enterprise had a strong impact on the world. From these two packaging improvements, we can realize that packaging decoration is not only limited to beautifying products, but also expressing the characteristics of products, It can also convey rich information and express the concept of the enterprise. The above two kinds of packaging are also consistent with their advertising, business environment and other aspects of design style, enhancing their market competitiveness

III. The use of advertising sentences in packaging strengthens the organic connection between advertising and packaging.

advertising sentences are the essence of Modern Advertising Copywriting. Although they often appear in the form of sub labels in advertising, they can give people a deep impression because they concentrate the characteristics of commodities and have the advantages of publicity, interest, fluency and easy to remember. The use of advertising sentences in packaging also shows an increasing trend, It can also be said that advertising effectiveness does not increase the extension of costs

IV. series packaging enhances the display effect of products. The specific heat treatment scheme is shown in Table 1:

products of the same brand are packaged with the same or the same series of graphics, words, shapes and colors to form a unified style. Also known as "unified packaging strategy", it can form a strong visual effect when displayed in shopping malls, so that customers can have a deep impression on the brand or enterprise, Reality is similar to the visual impact emphasized by advertising

v. agglomerative packaging has emerged widely in response to the development of supermarkets:

agglomerative packaging is also known as "agglomerative packaging strategy". At present, there are mainly the following categories: package, which combines different related commodities in the same package

small commodity collective packaging: put a certain number of commodities with small packaging into a larger package (still sales packaging rather than medium packaging concept) for sale

improved medium packaging: the original medium packaging of bulk commodities was mostly made of corrugated paper into simple packaging. Now, white board paper, four-color offset printing and carefully designed decoration are also used. In fact, the medium packaging has the nature of sales packaging

there is a strong contrast in color between the medium-sized packaging of this Japanese beverage and the small-sized packaging inside, but the decorative dot graphics are also the main graphics, forming a sense of unity of the small and medium-sized packaging

the above three kinds of packaging are also produced in response to the requirements of mass shopping in supermarkets. Supermarkets do not have salespeople, so the packaging and decoration work also proposes to make the packaging a "silent salesperson". At the same time, the increase of packaging also enhances the visual effect required by its advertising

VI. the wide emergence of pop packaging

"pop" refers to point of sale advertising. Although it is a traditional form of advertising, it has been greatly developed in modern advertising. Generally, POP advertising is placed and hung in shopping malls because of its limited area and advertising nature. It often needs to pay the land occupation cost. The packaging is designed as a foldable display surface, and shopping malls can only be used as commodity display, At the same time, "pop" can be obtained and smooth transition without impact can be realized during switching; The advantages are obvious

this beverage package is a portable package and has the display effect of pop packaging

VII. Reusable packaging and multi-purpose packaging:

the packaging is designed to be multi-purpose or reusable, also known as "reuse packaging strategy". People carry the packaging to shop or use again, and the brand and enterprise name printed on it also produce a kind of mobile advertising effect

this "Tianjin paradise" moon cake is the work of the famous designer lvjiancheng. The large carton packaging is a typical bulk packaging, and the additional bag packaging is a multi-purpose packaging, which improves the product grade, and its repeated use naturally prolongs the timeliness of commodity publicity

VIII. Packaging of test articles:

the packaging is made into a small capacity, large publicity package, containing a small amount of products. If you enter the home during the operation process or at the point of sale * the servo valve is used as a tool often used by the experimental machine * as a gift, it is also called "complimentary packaging strategy". This method is actually an extension of the gift advertising function, but it does not belong to the scope of advertising

from the development of the above packaging forms, we can see that the packaging design consciously absorbs and publicizes the factors of advertising, which can play the role of advertising. Because of its basic characteristics, it also has the advantage of saving expenses and facilitating management. This is really a great good thing for manufacturers and market demand, so it is also one of the main characteristics of the current packaging and decoration development. Packaging, decoration and advertising have their own theories. From the perspective of developed countries, decoration design and advertising design are often two different teams. Especially in industries with more changes in packaging and decoration, both decoration design and product modeling design belong to a system set up by the enterprise itself. Advertising is represented by the advertising industry outside the enterprise. The research field of advertising theory is relatively broader and more complex, resulting in the formation of the so-called "advertising", There are also some sub disciplines, such as advertising psychology, advertising aesthetics, advertising marketing, advertising design, etc. these disciplines are closely related to some aspects of packaging and decoration theory. Wise packaging and decoration workers should take them as a part of their own knowledge source to learn from and apply them, so as to give greater play to the functions of the ideological field of packaging and decoration

source: China steel drum packaging

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