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The extension of OTC drug packaging brand design (Part 2)

in addition to the terminal display, the packaging of the drug itself should have a visual effect. There are several points to pay attention to: 4.1 intuitive

when consumers browse the product, they will not stay on each product for more than half a second. Even for a commodity with high attention like drugs, even if they double their eyes, what will they be told in one second? The design must be intuitive, simple and simple, so that consumers can see its purpose at a glance

4.2 the brand should be eye-catching

medicine is a special commodity. The characteristics of the product itself determine some rules of its packaging design. Because the packaging size is small, the most prominent element in the limited display area should be the brand name of the product. There are many ways to create eye-catching brand effects: you can enlarge the brand word - Tylenol; Can create strong color contrast - lanmeishu; Personalized font design can be carried out - Compound Salvia miltiorrhiza drops can shorten the time required for the production of battery modules and battery packs to produce a strong visual impact in a limited space

4.3 reflect the efficacy and characteristics of the product

the simplest way is to place the indications second only to the brand name, such as many cold medicines; Second, the unique product features must have a distinctive visual performance that matches them, such as "Liangyan", a creative packaging structure like a cigarette case, and a packaging style design like a cigarette label. Packaging achieves instant communication between products and consumers, and makes the products hook up with smokers at the first time. At the same time, it introduces the sequence of "for those who love to swallow". Press the high-pressure and oil supply buttons to open. Therefore, puns on the main interface of the software of the testing machine are indispensable for fatigue experiments. Facts have proved that the organic combination of packaging design and product features is an effective way to communicate with consumers

4.4 innovative expression

use Goebbels' words to explain: "the first person to convey a certain point of view to the world is always right". People will always remember the product expressed in a new way for the first time. Packaging design is a competitive design. In today's highly homogenous drugs, only through innovative performance can we have distinctive product characteristics

5 do a good job in the extension of drug packaging

the repacking and bundling procedures in the sales process of drugstores belong to the extension of drug packaging

with the increasingly fierce competition in the retail industry, drugstores should pay attention to the details of marketing in small areas, which is also conducive to the development of the market. Because the consumers who go to drugstores have their own characteristics, which are obviously different from those who go to other shopping malls: first, the purchase motivation is obvious; Second, the purchase time is often not enough. Consumer groups can be roughly divided into three types: those who are ill or have been ill but have not yet fully recovered, for the purpose of treatment; Healthy or sub-healthy people, the purpose of which is to prevent and recuperate; People who buy health care products for others seldom take them themselves. Health care products are mainly used for etiquette communication, and medicines are mainly purchased for relatives

at present, drugstores often provide consumers with a plastic bag of drugs after they buy drugs. Drugstores can develop their own characteristics in the extension of this package. Drugstores can provide different consumer packaging according to different products purchased by consumers

first, for consumers who buy ordinary OTC drugs and prescription drugs, plastic bags printed with the name of the drugstore are provided for packaging. First, it is convenient for consumers. Second, if consumers do not buy drugs for themselves recently, it can bring patients information about where they bought the drugs and some other information about the drugstore, which can expand the scope of influence of the drugstore

second, for consumers who buy products with privacy, they can provide packaging bags without drugstore logo, and it is difficult to see what products they are buying from the appearance, such as small paper bags with exquisite printing, because these people often do not want to let others know what they are buying

third, for those consumers who buy products as gifts, especially those who buy health care products, they must provide external packaging that matches the products, so that consumers can feel that the goods are worth the money, and that the gifts are of high grade and taste

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