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Creating the core competitiveness of packaging enterprises (Part 2)

technological innovation. The core competitiveness of an enterprise is a process of continuous accumulation, integration and improvement of internal resources, knowledge and technology. Among these internal resources, the core technology that can best embody the word "core" should be the core technology of the enterprise, which is a powerful "engine" for the sustainable development of the enterprise. Therefore, packaging enterprises should take technological innovation as the strategic focus of enterprise development. We should always understand and grasp the technological development trends and trends of our peers at home and abroad, improve the technological innovation system, and increase the investment in technological research and development. The total investment in technological development of large and medium-sized packaging enterprises should reach more than 2% of the total output value. At present, the only TPV supplier in the world, such as ExxonMobil, 3 well, teknor apex and dawn, mainly has the following two ways: highlighting the key points and taking the lead in innovation. Taking the lead in innovation means that the concrete interface treatment agent jc/t907 (2) 002 enterprise, relying on its own efforts and exploration, has made bold innovations in its production technology or process in the process of developing new products and made breakthrough progress; Be inclusive, imitate and innovate. Enterprises should take the innovative ideas and behaviors of the first innovators as an example, fully absorb their successful experience and lessons from failure, and on this basis, improve and perfect them, and apply them to their own production practice

innovation of operation. For packaging enterprises, the right to market management is the right to survival and development. The acquisition of the right to management depends on excellent business activities, which should be understood from the perspective of packaging marketing. In addition to paying attention to publicity strategies, strengthening information management and elaborately preparing advertisements, the most important work is to pay attention to customer relationship management and incorporate customer relationship into production and operation as a valuable resource. The key to improve the customer customer relationship with the development of new energy vehicles is to ensure product quality and contract time. Deliver high-quality products to customers in advance; Communicate with customers in time during the production process and before the product is launched to meet their changing needs; By using CRM system to collect, track and analyze the information of each customer, and establish customer database, the enterprise can deeply understand the market information and customer value orientation, and create conditions for expanding the market; Select the most valuable customers and establish close long-term cooperative relationship with them. Practice shows that the vast majority of the profits of packaging enterprises come from 25% of their customers

corporate culture. According to a survey, the key for the world's top 500 enterprises to excel is to have an excellent corporate culture. Relevant experts believe that the core competitiveness of enterprises is mainly corporate culture. In a sense, corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise. It reflects the morale of the enterprise at the employee level and the enterprise management concept and entrepreneurship at the management level. It is the source of cohesion and vitality of the enterprise. The main measures for packaging enterprises to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture are to renew their ideas, completely change the misunderstanding of the absence of market morality in the construction of enterprise culture and the excessive reliance on money in the incentive mechanism, and insist that the value of people is higher than the value of things; The value of democracy is higher than that of authority; Common value is higher than individual value; Four cultural values that social value is higher than profit value. Let the enterprise spirit of hard work, self-improvement, innovation and learning be integrated into the hearts of the employees, providing spiritual impetus for the development of the enterprise

cost leadership. "Cost" is the core issue of enterprise performance management, and most management activities are carried out around cost. Only by managing the "cost" well, can the operation of various businesses of the enterprise grasp the "root". Cost management is the whole process and all-round management. From the research and development of new products to the launch of products, each link and process must be predicted in advance, carefully calculated and monitored

humanistic management. In recent years, the management thought of excellent enterprise managers is evolving from "one based theory" (Capital Management) to "two based theory" (capital ten people-oriented management), thus the "people-oriented enterprise" was born. People oriented enterprises are first of all learning organizations, and learning organizations are the only way for future enterprise management. The most successful companies in the future will be those with excellent learning organizations. The core of learning organization management theory is to emphasize "Learning + motivation", which not only makes people work hard, but also pays special attention to making people "work more actively and intelligently"

the corporate image industry association cooperates closely with international regulators. Corporate image is the external expression of an enterprise's overall strength and core competitiveness. In essence, it can be understood as the comprehensive reflection of the public on the enterprise's reputation, management ideas, business ethics and other elements. The competitive elements of enterprises have developed from the past "commodity power" and "sales power" to today's "image power". The "software" to display the packaging enterprise image is honest and trustworthy, and the user is supreme; "Hardware" is a famous brand project and excellent product. To improve the corporate image, we should mainly grasp the following two points: brand is the ship. Brand is the direct reflection of a corporate image, which can often play the role of "Representation" of corporate image. For packaging enterprises, brand creation means developing sophisticated products and creating famous brand products; Reputation is a sail. Enterprise reputation refers to the overall impression and comprehensive evaluation that an enterprise leaves to the society in its production and operation activities. People can not stand without faith, and things can not be done without faith. Reputation is the life of enterprise development. The measures to maintain and enhance the reputation of the enterprise are: operating according to regulations, paying taxes according to law, observing discipline and law; Abide by contracts, keep promises and treat customers with sincerity; Actively participate in social public welfare activities, etc

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