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The artistic charm of love graphics in print advertising design (Part 2)

2 in print advertising, the creative elements of love graphics

among the design expression methods, designers have different ways and means of conception, but from most of the creative experience, love graphics, a romantic artistic expression method, generally involves the implication of love, It can be divided into the following categories:

2.1 abstract graphic creation elements

abstract graphics can be divided into text graphics and non text graphics:

2.11 text graphic creation elements

among the text graphic design elements, let's start with the Chinese and English elements. Chinese is also called Chinese characters. Chinese characters are the traditional cultural accumulation of China's 5000 year history. Text is one of the best graphic elements to accurately convey information. Usually, designers carry out creative design from the "meaning" and "shape" of text. ③ The following are some examples of using words and graphics to implicitly express love information and achieve a successful communication effect when designing creativity:

(Figure 1) (Figure 2) is a print advertisement for the match between two football teams of Argentina Brasil, which is a relatively early outstanding work at the end of the last century. (Figure 1) is a print advertisement poster made by Argentina football team defeating Brasil football team, implying that Brasil team has been fucked; (Figure 2) is the later br semi-automatic pneumatic clamping device; Computer automatic control of landing height and lifting of falling hammer; The electromagnet automatically captures the print advertisement poster made by ASIL football team defeating Argentina football team, implying that Argentina has no seed. (Fig. 1) (Fig. 2) are all bold use of English elements in words and figures. The English elements are taken from the initials "a" and "B" of the name of Argentina Brasil condom. The designer skillfully uses the English letter graphic element "B" to be similar to the curve shape of the female body hall, while the English letter graphic element "a" is ingeniously divided into capital "a" and small "a" and capital "B" respectively, Just turn the English letter graphic elements "a" and "a" counterclockwise by 90 degrees, and there will be unexpected design graphics of love relationship graphics. The graphics are simple and clear, with great visual appeal, which will immediately make the audience understand, so as to achieve a successful communication effect

(Figure 3) (Figure 4) is a series of resource-saving print public service advertisements, which uses Chinese characters in words and graphics in a unique way. (Figure 3) is the text written by the designer with a random hand Stroke: "although I am very short, I am still very energetic", which almost covers the whole picture. A short pencil is equipped in the lower left corner; (Fig. 4) the designer uses the same brushwork and typesetting. The copy is "I'm not a one-time condom" with a slightly folded file bag. The communication effect is like a picture. The advertising language is concise and accurate, containing but not revealing, leading but not sending, which makes people understand

2.12 non text graphic creation elements

among the non text graphic design elements, except the text graphic design elements, any abstract thing can be used as a design element, as long as you can find the mystery. The following are some examples of using abstract object graphics to implicitly express love information and achieve a successful communication effect when designing creativity:

(Figure 5) (Figure 6) (Figure 7) is a series of print public service advertisements against sexual harassment. They are all based on the same document: "it doesn't know how to say no, but you can. Don't tolerate sexual harassment in the office. Ask for help: 21063600.", And they are all successful creations made by using love posture to build a batch of production and demonstration platform graphics. (Figure 5) is the seat of the senior leadership close to the seat of the low-level staff; (Figure 6) the two "structural engineering desk lamps" close to the front and back are folded at about 60 degrees and 120 degrees respectively; (Figure 7) shows the stacking relationship of two up and down close to the mouse. With the ingenious use of the series of graphics, it can be seen that the designer's subtle observation around life and quick thinking are enough to make the audience have different opinions. These are all successful cases of ingenious use of abstract graphics as a romantic artistic expression

2.2 creative elements of realistic figures

among the design elements of realistic figures, the designer is not required to expose the sensitive parts of the human body, but try to replace them with similar sensitive figures or try not to expose them. Several successful cases are introduced as follows:

(Figure 8) (Figure 9) is vivu. The technical basis of the engine is a series of print ads for no women's shoes of a 2-liter 4-cylinder Ford engine - the winner of Cannes print ads in 2003. (Figure 8) is an ingenious discovery. Such beautiful and attractive figures can actually be a local close-up of a woman's foot plate and thumb when she wears vivuno women's shoes. This discovery is no less than the discovery of the new world. (Figure 9) is the reverse thinking of (Figure 8). These are all successful cases of skillfully using the romantic artistic expression of aestheticism and realism

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in conclusion, the application of romantic art expression of love graphics in print advertising, from the perspective of visual information transmission effect, this paper believes that it is a very visual impact expression, which can strongly attract the audience to deeply taste; in addition, we can carefully use the expression of romantic art to avoid the "generality" of graphics At the same time, we should also develop symbolic, classical and other artistic expressions to enrich the image of this visual culture era

Author: yanghan, design department, Changjiang Institute of art and design

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