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The digital management of domestic printing enterprises after China's entry into WTO (Part 2)

III. Strengthening the quality management of printing enterprises should start from the big picture and the small.

the impact of China's entry into WTO depends to a large extent on our enterprises' adaptability and adaptability to the fierce international market competition. The key to market competition is the competition of product quality. Facing the challenge of WTO entry, our printing enterprises must strive to enhance their adaptability and competitiveness, strengthen enterprise quality management, and start from the big picture and the small

(I) we must change our ideas and enhance our awareness of hardship and quality

especially the quality awareness of the top management of the enterprise. After joining the WTO, we have to face the international market with fierce competition. Compared with developed countries, our printing enterprises are at a disadvantage in terms of equipment technology, enterprise management and product quality. We must be soberly aware of the urgency and seriousness of the situation, enhance our sense of hardship, and firmly establish the concept that "quality is the life of an enterprise". Product quality determines the market share. Without quality, there will be no benefit and no hope for enterprises

here, we especially emphasize the quality awareness of the top management (general manager, factory director and party secretary) of the enterprise, because they are the first person of the enterprise's product quality and the core of the enterprise's total quality management network. Whether an enterprise can really do a good job in quality management, the quality awareness of the top management is very important, which is crucial to the survival of an enterprise. The problem is that the fixture center coincides with the swing frame center. In the two groups, we have a considerable number of top managers of enterprises. Their understanding of quality is still just on the slogan, or written in the documents and systems. They either plan all aspects, are busy with various affairs, and ignore the position of "quality first"; Or become a monk halfway through life, and have a little knowledge of the management laws of the printing enterprise. The management concept is still at the level of a layman, so it is simply impossible to ensure the high-quality products of the enterprise with strong quality management and lead all the employees of the enterprise to compete for and occupy the fiercely competitive market. The top management of the enterprise is the core and soul of the total quality management of the enterprise. Without their excellent self-quality, high heart and dedication, and skilled business management level, there will be no awareness of "quality first" of the enterprise, and the quality management of the enterprise will not be implemented. Enterprises "win by quality" and occupy a share in the fierce market competition is empty talk

(II) there must be a clear quality objective

our previous quality objectives are often limited to the comparison and competition of domestic peers, determining how many military and deployment excellent products to achieve each year, and how much of the product qualification rate to achieve. After joining the WTO, we are facing an international competitive market, and our competitors are multinational printing group companies with strong strength. This requires us to have a new international standard when formulating the enterprise quality policy and quality objectives. We should aim at the world's advanced level, study, study and adopt international and foreign advanced standards, formulate practical quality development goals, and create and form our own batch of high-quality and high-grade famous and high-quality products with a certain market share. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises should, according to their own characteristics and market demand, formulate their quality objectives, strengthen the basic work of quality management, and enhance the competitiveness of the market

(III) the quality management system of the enterprise must be established and improved

in order to achieve the quality policy and quality objectives of the enterprise, the quality management system must be established and improved from the organizational structure, and the monitoring of the production process must be strengthened. Give full play to the role of each employee, and form a quality management network system with the top management as the core and close contact and cooperation among departments and posts, so as to adapt to the market competition situation after China's entry into WTO

it is necessary to improve the scientific quality management system and formulate the quality system from the factory director - Section Director - workshop director - Team Leader - operating workers. Clearly define the specific tasks, and powers of each person in the quality work of the enterprise. Connect all links related to quality in the whole plant, and combine the quality awareness of each employee to form a strict quality management system. This is not only the primary link of enterprise management, but also the premise of improving product quality

a quality inspection team with strong heart and high technical and professional quality must be established. Strictly implement the product quality inspection system of self inspection, mutual inspection, sampling inspection and special inspection. Closely linked, check at all levels, strictly implement the rules and regulations of quality management, implement the quality veto, reward and punish heavily, reward and punish in place, reward the energy and punish the vigilance, ensure the product quality of the enterprise, and make customers satisfied and competitive in the market

(IV) formulating and strictly implementing printing process operating procedures and quality standards

quality standards are the basis and core of enterprise quality management and the basis of product quality control. The decision of the State Council on Several Issues concerning further strengthening product quality work clearly points out that in order to strengthen the basic work of printing management, it is necessary to establish and improve the product quality standard of scientific and advanced 4-point bending method with a certain constant bending moment range, and fully implement the national quality standard. Enterprises must organize production in accordance with standards. Enterprises without or not in accordance with standards shall not engage in production. In September, 1999, in order to meet the needs of China after its accession to the WTO, the state publishing administration, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the wto/tbt, intensified the adoption of international standards and foreign advanced standards, and successively revised and issued nine industry standards related to printing and binding. These printing industry standards have basically approached and reached the international standard level. It is the basis for our printing enterprises to produce product quality standards, and it is also the basic guarantee for us to participate in international market competition. At the same time, we should also see that after China's entry into the WTO, with the entry of foreign printing enterprises, they have more than 90 days of modern equipment, advanced technology and management, and adopt international advanced standards. Under this situation, domestic enterprises should speed up their pace to bring their own product quality standards closer to international standards. The use of powerful enterprise electronic universal testing machines has gradually become more widespread. It is necessary to formulate enterprise standards higher than national and industrial standards, participate in international market competition, and improve product quality

printing process operating procedures are important means to ensure product quality. It is the summary of the production process operation specifications of the same industry in various countries, and the fundamental guarantee for the products to meet the standards. Our enterprises should learn from the advanced management regulations of foreign countries, scientifically formulate operable process operation regulations, strictly implement the regulations in the production process, resolutely overcome the traditional, workshop and team production mode, overcome the habit and randomness of operation in the production process, and ensure the product quality

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