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Countermeasures for degradable plastics (Part 2)

adapt to the utilization and treatment of garbage

degradable plastics add a lot of environmental friendly additives on the basis of ordinary plastics, which improves the function of coordinating with the environment. From the current technology, it is inevitable that degradable plastics will be weakened in appearance and strength, which is one of the important reasons why it is difficult to popularize degradable plastics. Therefore, it is necessary for the public to change their consumption concept and fully realize that plastic products that meet the national standard are acceptable

in addition, the ultimate attribution of degradable plastics is to be combined with garbage, so the formulation design of degradable plastics should focus on the comprehensive utilization and treatment of garbage. At present, the main methods of combined utilization and treatment of garbage are burying, composting and incineration. Therefore, the formulation design of degradable plastic products should not only consider the two environmental conditions of light and biology, but also fully consider various natural and man-made environmental conditions

development principles and objectives of degradable plastics

conventional plastic resins are extruded and granulated from resin powder of petrochemical polymers, adding antioxidants, antioxidants, heat stabilizers, anti ultraviolet agents, etc. At present, the environmental degradable plastics researched and put into production at home and abroad are basically produced by adding degradable masterbatch with conventional plastic raw materials as the main body, which not only wastes the stabilizer and other materials, but also increases the cost and reduces the degradation performance. In addition, the equipment conditions of environmental degradable plastics manufacturers are limited, the manufacturers are scattered, and the quality of degradable masterbatch produced in various places is uneven. Therefore, the quality of existing degradable plastics is often difficult to guarantee

in addition, the trend of waste plastics is different, and the environmental conditions they contact are different. The degradable plastics with a single function can only work under a certain environmental condition, which can not make full use of various environmental conditions and can not adapt to the comprehensive treatment of garbage

therefore, the research and development of degradable plastics should be adjusted and guided according to the direction of comprehensive utilization and treatment of garbage, and everything should be based on the premise of adapting to the comprehensive utilization and treatment of garbage and protecting the ecology

controllability and thoroughness of degradation

degradable plastics shall maintain their due performance during storage and service life. When it is discarded after its service life, it automatically calculates the elongation after fracture of the sample. Under the sunlight, the degraded plastic is cracked and broken, and the molecular weight is reduced; When buried in the soil, bacteria and other microorganisms can reproduce and erode on the degradable plastic, and gradually be absorbed by the nature, so as to achieve the environmental protection purpose of not affecting the landscape. It can reduce the harm of "white pollution" and greatly reduce the amount of urban garbage

an ideal degradable plastic product must be prepared with appropriate degradation time according to different climate, seasons and illumination in different regions. It can make the degradable film more stable in the initial photooxidation process, and there will be an obvious induction period. If the induction period is too long, sudden photooxidation will occur. In fact, the premise for the popularization and application of degradable plastics is to make the degradable film have a certain service life and realize controllable photodegradation. Degradable plastics are high-tech products. Their production technology and quality control requirements are very strict, and they need the guidance of technicians from professional research institutions

how to ensure the controllability and thoroughness of degradable plastics is the key to testing a certain technology and product. The technology recipient and the government promotion department should verify the controllability and thoroughness measures and indicators provided by the technical party and the manufacturer to ensure the degradation. The research technology level should be continuously improved, and the units and production units should strengthen the degradation technologies

the latest research results

in recent years, the environmental materials Development Institute of Fujian Normal University has carried out a number of research topics with certain characteristics, such as "research and development of composite photosensitizers and comprehensive UV absorption capacity", "environmental protection performance of bioactive substances and inorganic minerals", "the" rule by man "characteristics of burning private enterprises are more obvious, the development of burning degradable multi-functional plastics", "environmentally absorbable resins" "Acid base degradable plastics", "PVC degradable plastics series technology", "Research on the degradation of thermosetting plastics", "development of high efficiency agricultural environmental ecological polymer materials", etc. Among them, the "composite photosensitizer" synthesis screened photosensitizers that can absorb ultraviolet rays of different wavelengths, and carried out effective composition, which can make the degradable plastics continue to oxidize and degrade without light after being induced by light, and improve the thoroughness of degradation; "Special resin for environmentally acceptable plastics" adopts the resin powder produced by petrochemicals without adding stabilizers. The main additives include photosensitizer, bioactive agent, nano basic inorganic materials, ultra-fine basic inorganic materials, etc. For plastic processing enterprises, adopting "special resin" method to produce environment-friendly materials, compared with adding "master material method", this paper focuses on discussing the influence of Mo on the balanced structure of Fe-Cr-C surfacing material. In addition to having safer and more comprehensive environmental absorbability, the former will greatly improve the yield and reduce the requirements for production equipment and testing equipment

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