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[] budget refers to the plan for income and expenditure in a certain period in the future. In home decoration, it is an essential primary link. Its application in home decoration should be practical, detailed and accurate, but this is not the case. In the comparison of budget and settlement of some home decoration projects, the phenomenon of settlement exceeding the budget more or less is very common, and some even exceed the budget by more than twice. Why? Let's look for the answer from the following witness's narration

looking back at the beginning of decoration, I found that the new house was stuffed with six business cards of decorators, all of which said that they undertook all the business of home decoration. After weighing and comparing with the quotations of several decoration companies, my wife and I unanimously selected one of them. After looking at several model houses, after three rounds of bargaining negotiations, I signed a home decoration contract of 50000 yuan with decorators Zhang and Lei. Originally, I thought that I had taken out 50000 yuan, and it was time to settle a worry

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but after that, we have some regrets. In fact, what we signed is not so much a contract as a budget and balance sheet. Later, I found that the contract did not stipulate the liability of both parties for breach of contract, but only listed the prices of different types of work as the basis for settlement at the end of work. One week after the contract was signed, the decoration team officially entered the site. At the beginning, I also confidently insisted on writing a home improvement diary every day, recording what happened every day, the progress of home improvement, the daily cost and so on. But after 35 days, I'm too lazy to remember. There is only one reason, too annoying. Even, I had a strong idea: forget it, just do what you should do. I'm too lazy to think so much

price list in the home decoration contract:

1. Water and electricity installation: 1200 yuan/set (excluding material costs)

2. Bricklayer: 5800 yuan (including river sand and cement)

3. Carpentry: for high cabinets above 1 meter, 180 yuan per extension meter only pasted with outer panels, 200 yuan per extension meter for both inner and outer panels, and 100 yuan per extension meter for low cabinets. The upper hanging cabinet in the kitchen is 135 yuan per extended meter, and the lower hanging cabinet is 85 yuan per extended meter. Flat doors with shapes are 140 yuan each, and those with concave convex shapes are 180 yuan each. According to the area of the ceiling in the living room, the secondary ceiling is 25 yuan per square meter, and the aluminum gusset ceiling in the kitchen is 20 yuan per square meter

4. Oiler: 12 yuan per square meter for gun spraying, 10 yuan per square meter for hand brushing, and 3 yuan per square meter for hand brushing in the cabinet

5. Latex painter: 5 yuan per square meter

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but when the actual payment is made, the area of other types of work except water electrician, bricklayer and carpenter is only estimated. Painters are calculated by the number of wood panels purchased, while latex painters are priced by three times the area used. If measured strictly, the actual area must be smaller than the estimated area, but after three months of tossing, there is no energy to measure a piece of land, which can only be determined by the decorator. Finally, in fact, he spent nearly 70000 yuan, nearly 20000 yuan more than the budget. In other words, the actual cost is 1.4 times the budget

comments: usually, decorators also have a saying: decorate a house. There are many invisible projects like this and that. No matter how cheap, the cost must be higher than the budget, at least 20% higher, and more than double the overspending. In fact, this is only an individual case in the whole home decoration industry. It is necessary to remind consumers that the home decoration contract is not just a budget and statement of accounts, and the relevant liabilities for breach of contract must be reflected




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