How to discharge water near the wall of the sunshi

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How to discharge water near the wall of the sunshine room near the wall

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why is the most difficult thing to do for the waterproof of the sunshine room near the wall? Everyone has seen the glass fish tank with glass glue. The fish tank is full of water, and it will not leak for how long. That is because the density of the glass is relatively high, coupled with the weather resistant glass glue, there is almost no possibility of water leakage. This is also the principle of the glass roof of the sunshine room. The reason for more water leakage in the sunshine room is the location near the wall. Because the density of the wall is not so high, and the two media are different, the location near the wall of the sunshine room is prone to water leakage

there are ways to solve the problem of water leakage at the wall position of the sunlight room near the wall: first, install a flashing plate at the wall position, dig a 3-5 cm seam in the wall position, insert the aluminum plate into it, and then apply structural glue. 2、 SBS waterproofing shall be made at the wall of the sunshine room. 3、 Brush waterproof paint on the wall of the sunshine room

before the sunshine room and the wall, it is mainly sealed by waterproof cloth. One end of the waterproof cloth is fixed on the profile, and the other end is bonded with the wall through special glue. Besides waterproof, it is insulated with rock wool, and finally the upper waterproof cover. Therefore, the walls not only have good waterproof performance, but also can ensure good thermal insulation performance, so as to avoid the connection part becoming a weak link of heat loss, which can effectively avoid the problem of condensation in winter

after the sunshine room is completed, the treatment of the connection with the ground is also necessary. Generally, the bottom can be treated by installing the ground inside. As for the outside of the room, simple methods can be used, such as filling cement mortar or general insulation and sealing materials

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