What is Haijibu glass fiber wall cloth

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According to the hierarchical composition of materials, hejib can be divided into single-layer and composite

① single layer hijab is woven from a layer of materials, such as silk, chemical fiber, pure cotton, or cloth leather. One kind of brocade hijab is the most colorful. Because the patterns on its satin surface are woven on the satin bottom of more than three colors, it is more classical and elegant

② composite hijab is composed of more than two layers of materials, which are divided into surface materials and backing materials, and the backing materials mainly include foaming and low foaming. In addition, there are glass fiber Haijibu with good moisture-proof performance and various patterns. One kind of embossed Haijibu is not easy to breed mold because of its special structure, which has good air permeability and can properly adjust the indoor microclimate. When using, if you don't like the original color, you can also apply your favorite colored emulsion paint to replace the paving effect of the room


hejib (hejib) is refined from natural quartz material, integrating technology, aesthetics and natural attributes. It is noble and elegant, and returns to nature. The unique artistic style of European bas relief cannot be replaced by other materials. Natural quartz material has created the environmental protection, health and super crack resistance quality of Haijibu. Various weaving processes highlight the rich texture structure of Haijibu. Combined with the color changes of wall coating, it is a must choice for modern home decoration

functional features: 1. Absolutely environmental protection 2. Strong decoration 3. Scrub resistance 4. Disinfectable 5. Non moldy 6. Anti cracking and moth eaten 7. Strong fire resistance 8. Widely used

construction method of glass fiber Haijibu

Haijibu needs to use special glue and coating. It is best to provide paving and brushing services by the manufacturer or operate by professional workers. The general construction process is to apply putty, brush base film, roll glue (preferably special starch glue), paste cloth and brush finish paint. Since the different effects of hejib need to be matched with the paint to show, its final appearance is also determined by the color and texture of the selected paint

advantages of hijab

because it needs to be used with paint, the wall with hijab is paved, and the biggest feature is that it can be easily “ Face changing ”, If the owner is not satisfied with the wall color, he can directly apply fresh paint on the original wall for replacement. The color of the first paint should be lighter, so that the next paint can cover the front, otherwise the color may be distorted. The tensile strength of glass fiber Haijibu is strong, which can effectively prevent wall cracking, and is very suitable for old house decoration. The style of glass fiber hijab after painting is simple and elegant, and there is no particularly rich pattern. The labor cost of both the product itself and the paving process is slightly higher than that of other materials




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