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many people often ask such a question: how big should the external window fan be opened? Are there any design specifications and national regulations? How to calculate the strength of the window sash

1. Window ventilation

generally speaking, a bedroom of about 12m2 has a 600mm window × 1000mm open fan can meet the ventilation requirements; A living room of about 20 square meters, with two 600mm fans × 1000mm can be satisfied by opening the fan; 4m2 open toilet, with a 600mm fan × 600mm open fan is enough; The ventilation requirements of the kitchen are higher. There is a 600mm fan in the kitchen of about 5 ~ 6 square meters × 1000mm opening fan can also meet the requirements

the above are the minimum values. From the perspective of function, it is better to have a larger opening area, but the cost of opening fans is higher than that of fixed fans. Therefore, designers need to consider the ventilation area of windows based on the minimum value and the positioning of the project. (Note: it should be noted here that the construction departments of some cities have issued local norms applicable to this region. For example, Shenzhen, Nanning and other cities stipulate that the opening area of doors and windows is not less than 8% of the room area. Engineering design in these cities should pay attention to complying with these norms, and the specific provisions are not listed.)

2. Window opening

in fact, the specifications for the production of doors and windows issued by the state do not specify the size range of the outdoor opening of windows, but specify the air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure resistance, etc. of doors and windows, as well as the service life of hardware, opening and closing force, etc

in other words, as long as the window you make can meet these indicators, it is qualified. As for the specific form and design of realizing these indicators, it doesn't matter. We can make a hundred schools of thought contend, constantly innovate and make better products

the problem of too large window opening sash, on the one hand, is that the sash is too heavy, which is easy to cause the deformation of hardware, on the other hand, because it directly affects the use and safety, it is more prominent and sharp. However, if the design is conservative and small, there will be insufficient ventilation; In addition, the commonly used bridge breaking aluminum alloy and other profiles have larger sizes. If the window sash is too small and the glass part is less, the proportion of profiles will rise, and the cost is not economical

therefore, choose a moderate size. Here is also related to the opening method: if it is an internal flat opening, because people can retreat indoors when opening windows, the problem is not prominent; However, if it is open horizontally, people need to make the action of "extending arms → bending down" outdoors in order to complete the window opening operation, so they are very sensitive to the problem that the opening fan is too large

design suggestions are as follows:

opening leaf of casement window: the width should not be greater than 700, less than 500, and should be about 600; The height should not be greater than 1400 and less than 900, preferably 1000-1200; If the opening fan is too large (too wide or too high), especially when it is opened externally, the convenience and safety of opening must be carefully considered

what needs to be explained is the height: when we pay attention to the problem of too large windows, we often only pay attention to the width. In fact, the height is also very "fatal". For general outward casement windows, under the condition of a certain sill height, the higher the window sash is, the higher the position of the opening handle will be. However, in the window opening action of "arm extension → body bending", the height that can be reached by hands shows a downward trend

therefore, the window sash is too high and the handle is too high, which will increase the inconvenience of operation. For ordinary people with a height of 1.6 ~ 1.7m, the height of their arms extending horizontally is about 1.4 ~ 1.5m. Considering that the ordinary windowsill is 0.9m high, 1.0 ~ 1.2m is the reasonable height of the opening leaf (see the figure below)

the above analysis is to set the opening fan at the height of 0.9m. When encountering a low windowsill with a height of 0.6m, because it is uneconomical to make the lower fixed fan 300mm, the starting height of the opening fan will be higher than 0.9m. At this time, it is more necessary to carefully consider the height/width of the opening fan. In addition, the bay window with low windowsill has more safety problems, and it is better to use internal flat opening to facilitate users to open and close

3. Indoor safety - a neglected problem

there is another problem often ignored in window design: the widely used bridge broken aluminum alloy profile has clear edges and corners. If it is an internal casement window, the height of the lower edge of the window sash from the ground is about 0.9m to 1.1m, which will pose a threat to the safety of 3-5-year-old children moving near the window - head butting. There are no more than two ways to avoid: use the window with horizontal opening outside or with horizontal opening and inverted inside (internal horizontal opening + upper suspension, see the figure below), but the former is not suitable for high-rise buildings, and the latter will increase the cost

therefore, this humanized design must be combined with the positioning of the project. In some high-end medium and high-rise residential projects, the use of flat opening inverted windows can enhance the value of products from the perspective of humanized design


residential doors and windows is a seemingly simple design product, but because it is closely related to the longest-term use of the widest audience, every detail of engineering technology needs to be seriously considered. "Detail is the devil", this sentence is very appropriate in residential design. Window design is only one aspect of it. No amount of effort will be wasted in residential detail design

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