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Wuxi solid wood furniture brand manufacturer customized furniture consulting [qq296290156, Tel 15618392878]

with the popularity of low-carbon environmental protection home fashion, log furniture began to become the focus of attention of mass consumers, and many consumers began to choose log furniture to decorate and configure their homes. Why are log furniture loved by everyone

log furniture refers to the use of natural trees as raw materials. The production and design structure are simple, solid and durable. The surface processing and protection of the workpiece are also relatively simple, such as painting varnish, waxing protection, etc., and strive to maintain the inherent texture of the original wood or reflect the real grain exposed after the wood is cut vertically and horizontally, reflect the original style of the wood, and express the meaning of returning to nature

Wuxi Youdao pure wood furniture provides a more environmentally friendly, practical and comfortable choice for every consumer's life. We promise that all furniture is 100% pure solid wood. While making top-grade furniture, Youdao pays more attention to high-level service to create a high-quality life for you. Welcome to inquire


address: No.8, Jinchang Road, Chang'an Town, Wuxi City

mobile phone: 15618392878

official website http://www.youdaomy.com

solid wood doors are made of logs as the main material to make the door core, which is dried, then processed through blanking, polishing,

solid wood double door

solid wood double door

mortising, drilling and other processes. The varieties of logs and trees used for solid wood doors are mostly more expensive than those made in Wuxi, such as walnut, teak, etc. The finished wooden door processed by solid wood has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, no cracks, etc. in addition, solid wood has the performance of acoustic performance and temperature and humidity regulation, and sound absorption is good





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