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"2008 Omron Automation Solutions spring tour" has been highly praised by the automation industry since the roadshow, and has received the attention of enterprises and institutions. Members of industry associations and associations have actively participated in the event, which has been recognized and vigorously supported by experts and users. Mikiya nomira, regional sales manager of AkzoNobel Asia Pacific region, told reporters. As the starting station of Guangzhou railway station, Mr. Liu Yihua, chairman of Guangdong automation society, was invited to attend and congratulate. At the meeting, he made a report entitled the development of Guangdong equipment industry. He analyzed the development of Guangdong equipment industry in detail, thanked Omron for its contribution to the development of Guangdong economy, and wished this Omron tour a complete success

Chairman Liu Yihua said in his speech, "I have a lot of feelings with Omron. I had an indissoluble bond with Omron as early as 1983 in Guangzhou Nanyang Electric Machinery Factory because of my working relationship. I have been paying attention to Omron's growth in China for more than 20 years. At the same time, Omron has always maintained a good relationship with the society. We must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. Good communication and cooperation are good. Today is an old friend meeting. It's a pleasure!"

Chairman Liu Yihua first introduced the development status of equipment manufacturing in Guangdong Province. Guangdong Province ranks sixth in terms of equipment manufacturing strength for four consecutive years, with the main center concentrated in Guangzhou. With the development of manufacturing equipment and machine tool industry, the application fields of servo, drive and frequency converter are expanding rapidly, and a large number of automatic production enterprises such as Omron are facing opportunities and challenges. How to better integrate with the industry and vigorously develop the manufacturing equipment industry in Guangdong Province also needs the development and support of Omron and other enterprises. The application results of Omron's existing products in the manufacturing equipment industry are commendable. How to better promote new products, find new points of convergence, and help users in the manufacturing equipment industry better use products, we expect Omron to have a better performance

graduated from South China University of technology, majoring in automatic control, master/mba, senior engineer, expert in automatic control system development and application. Director of China automation society, executive director of China electromechanical integration technology application Association, senior member of China Mechanical Engineering Society, director of Guangdong mechanical engineering society, Secretary General of Guangzhou Mechanical and electrical engineering society, science and technology review experts of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, and member of Guangzhou CPPCC

presided over the Secretariat of Guangdong automation society, advocated and presided over "all OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers are working hard to solve this problem, and the Seventh International Exhibition of industrial control and automation in South China; is one of the main advocates for the establishment of" World magazine of variable frequency governors "and" plc/fa "; is one of the main advocates and hosts of" world restart accounting forum of variable frequency governors "

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