Blackphone, the hottest safe mobile phone, starts

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The security blackphone was launched in mid July

on the morning of July 1, Beijing time, after months of hype and claiming to achieve the pre-sale volume of millions of units, the blackphone, with security as its selling point, began shipping to scheduled users on Monday

this smart with Android system has built-in small platforms, video and SMS applications with a fluctuating encrypted voice curve, and it can better recall the information access rights of third-party applications when it was still affiliated with Bayer in 1967

although the scheduled delivery has begun, new users need to wait until Wednesday, July 14 to buy the device through blackphone's station. The price is $629

as a device jointly developed by silent circle and geekphone, blackphone adopts a 4.7-inch display and is equipped with Android 4.4 Qiqiao system with enhanced security. Security messages will be handled by the Android application suite of silent circle, but only when the other party also uses B. if other lights are on, it also indicates that the drive destroys the application of lackphone or silent circle, can the information be truly encrypted in all directions

blackphone also allows users to fully control the access rights of third-party applications to address books, locations and photo albums. But the only problem is that this restriction may cause some applications to crash or fail to work properly. However, the company said in March this year that it would solve this problem

in addition to applications and messages, blackphone will also be pre installed with an anonymous network browser, and built-in virtual private network (VPN) and remote deletion tools. Blackphone can also prevent WiFi hotspots from getting users' wireless location history, avoiding them from tracking users' whereabouts

the configuration of this model is also very good. It has a 720p IPS display, built-in 2GHz quad core NVIDIA (18.54, 0.16, 0.87%) Tegra 4I processor, 1GB memory, 16GB storage space, which can be expanded to 128GB through microSD card, and is equipped with an 8million pixel rear camera and a 5million pixel front camera. In addition, this model also has built-in Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi and LTE modules

blackphone is one of many security projects involved in silent circle. The company is also cooperating with encrypted but not widely used email service provider ladar levion to develop dark mail, a set of email security standards that specifically protect email content and metadata

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