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The rubber blanket cleaning failure of m600/a24 eight color commercial rotary machine

our m600/a24 eight color commercial rotary machine is equipped with an automatic rubber blanket cleaning device, but there is a problem of unclean cleaning in the process of use. After each automatic cleaning, it must be washed again manually, which does not reflect the efficiency of automatic cleaning. So first remove the automatic cleaning tool, disassemble and flush the brush roller of the cleaning tool with water, then connect the plug with a plastic pipe, and let the tap water spray from the fine holes of the detergent pipe and water nozzle in the automatic cleaning tool. 4. Calculate the compressive strength of each specimen according to formula (1), check the blocked fine holes, and poke through with fine steel wire until all the spray holes are through, then install the cleaning device, and wash the car automatically after printing, There are still some units that cannot be cleaned. So adjust the pressure between the automatic cleaning tool and the blanket, and increase the amount of water sprayed when washing the blanket. It can be cleaned basically. But then there was a new problem. If you start printing after washing in the middle of the printing process, there are still some edges that can't be cleaned, and it's difficult to wash them off manually. After careful observation, it was found that ink pimples, large and small, appeared on both sides of the blanket, and generally appeared in units 3 and 4, especially in unit 4, which accumulated the most. Adjusting the pressure of the water and ink roller did not work. The analysis may be that the unwashed protective glue on the plate is transferred to the blanket and stuck with paper wool, which is easy to stack ink. As a result, the more it accumulates, it is difficult to wash it off because of the need for major equipment. Therefore, the glue on the plate is wiped off before each startup, and the "ink pimple" disappears

(Li Lin, Henan No.2 Xinhua Printing Factory)

source: printing technology - 1. Structural framework - publishing commercial printing

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