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Shandong Laiyang rectifies the decorative material market

Shandong Laiyang rectifies the decorative material market

June 8, 2001

it is reported that recently, Shandong Laiyang Bureau of quality and technical supervision carried out a special centralized rectification activity on decorative materials in view of the insufficient commodity volume in the local decorative material market, especially the problem of the exhibition range of many decorative coatings, and the shortage of paint and its accessories as high as 50%

first of all, they supervised and inspected the manufacturers and the market respectively, and successively investigated and punished 13 manufacturers and five mechanical experimental equipment that mainly analyzed mechanical materials>

17 business units, and imposed administrative penalties to varying degrees. In particular, the three large wholesale orders

were investigated and punished, and the punishment was severely implemented. Secondly, because most of these illegal acts are carried out in collusion with manufacturers,

Laiyang quality supervision department, while implementing administrative punishment, specially organizes study classes for business owners and manufacturers. In addition to Teaching

knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, it focuses on improving effectiveness and reducing operating costs, which is against unfair competition. It is reported that in the near future, the city will also organize a re inspection, and severely punish the business operators whose problems rebound

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