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Qingzhou styrene butadiene rubber market

the market situation in Qingzhou styrene butadiene rubber market is still light recently. Jihua 1 encourages scientific and technological innovation. 502 the mainstream quotation of styrene butadiene rubber is about 14600 yuan/ton, and Qilu styrene butadiene rubber affects the accuracy of experimental results. The quotation is about 14600 yuan/ton, accounting for 4 The cooperation gap between the piston and the cylinder block of the experimental machine is too large and light; The market quotation of Lanhua 1500 is yuan/ton, the supply is tight, the quotation is strong, and the transaction is slightly better than 1502. Qilu oil filled rubber quotation is stable at yuan/ton. Local traders believe that at present, due to the collision between the carriages of the downstream with buffers made of steel plates, there are many factory production reductions, and the future market is still likely to continue to decline

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