Actions to be taken to improve the added value of

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Actions to be taken to improve the added value of color box packaging

in the face of the plight of the world economy, many customers have significantly reduced their budgets, and the trend of price reduction is also raging the market situation. Increasing new investment really needs ten feet of courage for the second export packaging factory of color box packaging. However, compared with expensive printing equipment, it is a good strategy for color box packaging enterprises to stand out from many competitors by appropriately investing in post processing equipment to help customers make some packaging products that attract the attention of their target consumers. After all, people always like to be innovative. Under the current economic difficulties, improving the added value of products seems to have become an action that enterprises have to take

there are many ways of subsequent processing, such as stamping specific graphics and texts, specific parts or special graphics folding, molding, die cutting, overall glazing, local glazing, thick layer projection glazing, drop molding, hot stamping, refraction, roller pressing, etc., which can comprehensively upgrade prints from monotonous and rigid flat pictures displayed in color blocks to colorful, glossy, hierarchical The vivid multi-dimensional and three-dimensional arts and crafts products create extraordinary value for your customers, so as to tap more value-added profits. Using these characteristic post-processing services, enterprises can better maintain the source of customers and live parts, and in many cases, these services can increase prices for customers

in the process of turning your post-processing business into your profit center, color box packaging enterprises should let customers know all kinds of post-processing materials and effects, and let their salespeople learn to sell comprehensive packaging solutions to customers, rather than simple printing services. You should try to inspire your customers and expand their imagination, otherwise they will only choose simple glazing and lamination, because they do not know that there are other solutions more suitable for their products. You can show customers your excellent post-processing level through the sample sheet, and let them know what effects can be achieved. 3. Load frame: adopt guide light bar forming channel steel to fix the upper beam and worktable to form the frame structure. As long as you can get excellent works, you will be able to turn your downstream processing Department into a profit center of the enterprise

the key is to judge your ability level according to your equipment and your post-processing options. Of course, in order to meet better development in the future, you need to start with your existing solutions, and then continuously improve and expand your post-processing options according to market demand and customer feedback. If you want to develop and make profits, you must always pay attention to your operational efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to purchase appropriate post-processing equipment, and there is no room for carelessness

on April, 2012, the 2012 China International color box exhibition will be held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan. The construction technology of the exhibition is not up to standard. It is famous in the industry for the professional exhibition of aftermarket processing equipment. At that time, you can inspect the latest and most complete aftermarket processing equipment in China through three consecutive days of exhibition

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