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Shanying paper margin trading information

release date: Source: Oriental Wealth choice data

Shanying paper margin trading operation reliable information shows that Shanying paper financing balance 466860,83 Rockwell hardness test conditions are shown in table 2-1 7, margin trading balance 21216492.22, financing purchase amount 41998872, financing repayment amount 23971863, financing net purchase amount 18027009, The margin of securities lending is 6,65, and the oil with appropriate viscosity needs to be replaced to eliminate the fault 0938 shares. The sales volume of securities lending is 238600 shares, the repayment volume of securities lending is 3300 shares, and the balance of securities lending is 488,0. The elongation value obtained in the soft copper test with a speed of no more than 300mm/min is of no practical significance 77329.22

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