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Clever use of kurishov effect in trademark design

trademark is a product description combining words and patterns, and is a symbol mark of products. A high-quality commodity, coupled with an excellent trademark, its trademark itself is a good publicity. It will not produce a bag of foam residue to advertise after the first shift, which can spread the image of the commodity

from the perspective of the market, the design composition of the trademark is quite flexible. The instructions for the use of the tension machine can be composed of words, letters, numbers, symbols and patterns, which can be replaced by names, and can be expressed by factory names, place names, flowers and plants, scenic spots and animal names or patterns. Trademarks must produce good social effects, make people easy to identify, and cause a good kurishov effect

in order to make the trademark have a better kurishov effect, at least the following points should be achieved:

first of all, the text should be concise, vivid, vivid, distinct and harmonious. To do this, the trademark can make people easy to distinguish, recognize and remember, so as to leave a clear impression in the minds of consumers

secondly, beautiful, unique and innovative. This can enhance consumers' preference and firmness, increase customers' trust in products, and facilitate the dissemination of trademarks and the improvement of popularity

third, it should be beautiful and evocative. Trademarks full of philosophy, interest, knowledge and association bring people new ideas, psychological satisfaction, and can induce purchase motivation. Therefore, more efforts should be made in the choice of trademark pattern design and pronunciation. In particular, avoid misleading, secretive and offensive patterns and sounds to form a trademark. For example: tulip, a trademark of cosmetics made of fragrant flowers; Use the cordial nostalgia as the trademark of food - a Xiangpo, Master Kang, Lao Ganma. This will produce a strong kurishov effect in human psychology

moreover, the expression should be worthy of the name and unique. The expression is worthy of the name, which makes people see the landmark; The uniqueness of a trademark is to explain to customers the difference between the goods represented by this trademark and other goods in the same kind of goods in the market, that is, difference, specificity and enlightenment

for well-known enterprises, it is best to use the trademark amplified by the high-speed amplifier. In this way, the trademark with high reputation can be used to develop other products of the enterprise, save the advertising cost of each new product, and speed up the process of consumers' recognition and familiarity with new products. This is actually the process of kurishov effect, because when you see a new product of a known brand, although you don't know its quality, the famous trademark always reminds you of other products of the trademark and recognizes it. For example, Shimei cosmetics and Sony electric appliances

however, the limitation of using the same trademark is that if a product goes wrong, the reputation and sales of a series of products will be affected; If different trademarks of the cantilever pendulum impact testing machine are used, different trademarks can be used according to the quality, so as to ensure that the fist products are always favored and in demand, and eliminate the possibility of damaging the reputation of the enterprise. This avoids the misunderstanding caused by the kurishov effect

proceedings of China Packaging Design Technology Seminar

Author: Xin qiaojuan

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