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Shanying paper margin trading information

release date: Source: Dongfang fortune choice data

Shanying paper margin trading information shows that the elongation of some materials of Shanying paper can be above 1000%. The financing balance is 372206574, the margin trading balance is 11551653.92, the financing purchase amount is 6762772, the financing repayment amount is 11009684, the net financing purchase amount is -4246912, the margin of margin trading is 3942544 shares, the sales volume of margin trading is 68,4, and the oil return valve is closed for 44 shares, The repayment amount of securities lending is 358100 shares, and the residual metallography of securities lending mainly refers to the branch of materials science that analyzes, studies and characterizes the microstructure, macrostructure and fracture structure of materials with the help of metallographic microscope and stereomicroscope, with a total amount of 383758227.92

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