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In January, 2006, the price increase information of coating raw material manufacturers

1. Lyondell chemical company will raise the price of all rutile and anatase titana titanium dioxide products sold to the global end market

effective from January 1st, 2006, or in accordance with the contract. Yiliande Millennium organic chemicals Inc. will raise the price of TiO2 as follows:

North America: US $0.06/pound in the United States and Mexico, C $0.07/pound in Canada

Europe: 150 euros/metric ton

Middle East and Africa: US $200/metric ton

Caribbean region, Central and South America: raise the price by US $100 per metric ton

Pacific region (except Australia and Japan): raise the price by US $150 per metric ton

Japan: raise the price by 20 yen/kg. Australia: the price increase of a$100/metric ton

above is the price increase again on the basis of the price increase in October. As the global TiO2 supply and demand is still tight, the original delivery date of 30 days is still valid for Fiona products in all regions

2. The chemical company Engelhard Corp. announced that it would raise the price of its exterior grade special effect pigments used in vehicle coatings by up to 20%, effective from January 1, 2006

the company said that the price increase range of this pigment is 0% - 20% in the assessment of perfect utilization, and the price depends on the product level. The rise in energy, raw materials and transportation costs is the reason for the surge in pigment prices

in October, Engelhard advanced its planned price increase date for some catalysts by two months due to the same reason. On the New York Stock Exchange, Engelhard shares rose 68 cents, or 2.3%, to $30.73 in afternoon trading

3. Huntsman

tioxide's pigment business announced that it would raise the price of all levels of titanium dioxide (TiO2) globally, effective from January 1, 2006, or in accordance with the contract

the price increase is as follows:

North America: $0.05/pound (USD) and $0.06/pound (CAD)

Europe: 130 euros/metric ton

Asia Pacific: $150/metric ton (USD)

Middle East, Africa and Latin America: $150/metric ton (USD)

4. BASF will raise the price of all luvitec (R) and luvicross (R) polyvinylpyrrolidone products in the United States, Canada and Mexico markets by 10%, Effective from January 1st, 2006

BASF's polyvinylpyrrolidone products are widely used in the production of pottery, lotion, plastic, film, glass fiber, and can be used to prepare adhesives, coatings, paper coatings, pesticides and inks. In order to make the long axis of the sample coincide with the tensile direction passing through the center line of the fixture

5. Stepan will raise the price of its stepanfoam polyurethane system products. The effective time is from January 1st, 2006, or according to the contract

stepanfoa all water foaming foam raised the price by $0.08/pound

stepanfoam hydrocarbon foaming foam by $0.10/pound

stepanfoamrm series products by $0.10/pound

stepanfoam HFC foaming foam by $0.14/pound

the relevant person in charge of stepanfoam said that these price raising measures were to deal with the continuous pressure on raw materials and energy caused by the recent events in North America. Due to the potential cost of producing polyurethane and isocyanate, 2. The pointer does not return to zero when replacing the pendulum weight; Cause: it is necessary for the company to raise prices. Stepanfoam is a registered trademark of Stepan company

6. The polyurethane Department of Degussa announced that it had received a notice from the German headquarters that due to the substantial increase in costs, the polyurethane department would adjust the price of its products by 10%

the new price will be implemented from January 1st, 2006. Customers who want to know about the price increase of specific products can contact the relevant salesperson. Degussa polyurethane Department apologized for the inconvenience caused by the price increase

7. Dianal USA, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon, announced that it would raise the price of various series of dianal brand acrylic resins to offset the increase in processing costs and raw material costs. The price increase range is 8-15%, which will take effect from January 16, 2006, or according to the contract

8. From February 15, 2006, Goldschmidt industrial specialty chemicals company, a subsidiary of Degussa, will raise the price of industrial special surfactants by 5-11% in order to cope with the upcoming rise in the cost of key raw materials of silicone and organic surfactants. In addition, further increases in energy, transportation and packaging costs are inevitable

the price increase includes the following brands: Tego defoamer, Tego RC, Tego prEN, tegosivin, tegomer, rewocoros and rewopol

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