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Three points of experience about beer label die-cutting process

1. Due to a large amount of powder spraying between the trademarks printed by the offset press, there will be a certain deviation from the non rotating rib part during the die-cutting process; Due to the UV varnish on the surface of the trademark printed by the flexographic press, there is no small displacement on the plane between the trademarks during the die-cutting process, so that the qualification rate of the flexographic trademark is 2 to 3 percentage points higher than that of the offset trademark

2 "Li Jianbo said. If the paper sparse 8) software has the function of experimental analysis, loose or poor stiffness, a layer of cardboard should be padded every 5 lightweight more than 50% of 00 or 1000 sheets for die cutting. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to check whether there are large hard particles on the surface and inside of the cardboard, because particles larger than 0.3mm are enough to damage the blade of the die-cutting tool

3. if the front of the print is curled up, the back mold should be used, and when the front of the print is curled down, the positive mold should be used

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