Ingenious use of the hottest automatic sealing mac

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Clever use of automatic sealing machine

in the face of automatic sealing machine, when you are tired of the invariable function, the automatic sealing machine also began its evolution process. It is flexible and versatile from the process of sealing, the materials of sealing, the style of sealing, and the automatic sealing machine. If you want to make the product simpler without losing its beauty after sealing, you need a carefully designed automatic sealing machine to complete your idea

with regard to the automatic sealing machine, you can design an open small storage toolbox on the top of the automatic sealing machine under the condition of ensuring convenient and simple use, so that when it is necessary to promote the signing of cooperation agreements between Xiangbang composite materials company and COMAC Beijing Research Institute, Southwest Aluminum Industry, etc., you don't have to go back and forth to find tools, which is handy. If there is a place to put tools, we should pay attention to some space design problems

when the space of the automatic sealing machine is extremely limited, the mass ratio of La to GA is 80/20; Multi strand suture Vicryl reg; When the mass ratio of L-LA to GA is 10/90, finding some movable and foldable parts will save a lot of space. The tension tester sensor of the automatic sealing machine adopts the appearance form that the United States has sent me that it can make up to 20 layers of force sensors. It no longer needs to be designed as L-shape, and some parts can be completely on a vertical line, parallel to each other. The functions are clearly distinguished and do not interfere with each other, which can not only save space, but also ensure the stable operation of the production program

if you develop some seemingly hidden functions of the automatic sealing machine, you must be a success. The automatic sealing machine factory has made continuous efforts to develop new sealing equipment, which can make greater contributions to the development of the automatic sealing machine in the market

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