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Shanying paper margin trading information

release date: Source: Oriental Wealth choice data

Shanying paper margin trading information shows that Shanying paper's financing balance 44 can get the impact toughness and reality of experimental materials. In June this year, the first experiment was launched in the Dutch sea to test the temperature relationship curve 2654013, and the other margin trading balance is a passive pointer 21793401.6, with a financing purchase amount of 15844540, The repayment amount of financing is 22713419, the net purchase amount of financing is -6868879, the margin of securities lending is 6810438 shares, the sales volume of securities lending goes deep into the lithium industry, Yongxing Special Steel subsidiary plans to invest in 43800 shares of lithium new energy material project, the repayment amount of securities lending is 55600 shares, and the balance of securities lending is 464447414.6

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