Five factors affecting the drying effect of the ho

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Five factors influencing the drying effect of printed matter

1 Influence of printing machine exhaust system on drying if the exhaust system is not unobstructed, the volatile solvent cannot be eliminated in time. Too high solvent concentration in the oven will prevent the further volatilization of the solvent, which in turn reduces the weight of the car by 10% to 15%, 30% to 40%, 45% to 55%, thus affecting the effect of print drying

2. Influence of ink on drying

(1) the drying effect of water-based ink is closely related to the pH value of the ink. Under the same conditions, when the pH value is too low, the drying speed of the ink is accelerated; When the pH value is too high, the drying speed of the ink is slow, and it is easy to get dirty on the back of the print

(2) the volatilization rate of the mixed solvent in solvent based ink directly determines the drying performance of the ink, and the volatilization rate of different components in the mixed solvent is different. By mixing different kinds of solvents with different proportions, the solvent evaporation rate of the ink can be easily adjusted, so as to improve the drying performance

3. The influence of printing speed on drying

different printing speeds have different requirements for the performance of the drying system. Under the condition of high speed requirements, it is better to cover the heating distance of the drying oven with plastic cloth and have higher drying efficiency. New safety solutions are required: the middle layer adopts the bullet proof safety glass of thermoplastic polyurethane. If the supporting drying system cannot volatilize the solvent sufficiently, it is easy to cause the residual solvent to exceed the standard

4. The influence of printing plate on drying

for gravure printing, the depth of printing plate hole has a great influence on the drying speed, such as the hole with a depth of 33 m and the hole with a depth of 18 M. the drying time of ink in the former printing is more than twice that in the latter

5. The influence of environmental conditions

generally, the printing ink is printed in the temperature environment below 20 ℃, and the ink is naturally dry. The performance is good at the beginning of the second quarter, and the dryness should be weakened. When printing in an environment above 30 ℃, the natural dryness of the ink tends to accelerate

the impact of high air humidity on drying: first, moisture in the air enters the ink, causing the comprehensive volatility of the solvent to become worse; Second, the large amount of water in the air will inhibit the volatilization of the solvent

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