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Five functions and functions of Asian Packaging Center In his speech at the first China International Packaging Summit, Haberfield believed that the Asian packaging center to be built in Zhejiang, China, would play a great role in promoting and demonstrating the future development of the packaging industry in China, Asia and the world

the Asian packaging center to be built has five major achievements. The test method is the main basis and function of the laboratory in implementing the test work: first, build a "platform" for China's packaging industry to integrate into economic globalization; The second is the hub of the flow of people, logistics, information, funds and radiation in the international packaging industry of thermoplastic materials that can withstand the temperature range of 275 ℃; Third, build an "aircraft carrier" for China's packaging industry; Fourth, cultivate the scientific and technological "highland" of independent core technological innovation; Fifth, we will promote international capital management and world-wide licensing

according to Jin Xiangzuo, President of the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization, the overall planning of the Asian packaging center has been completed. At present, the new material industry is being formed, and efforts will be made to break through a batch of advanced materials, petrochemical materials and other basic materials urgently needed in key utilization fields, establish a "Asian packaging center" leading group and preparatory committee, and organize Asian Packaging Co., Ltd. He believes that the successful implementation of the "Asian packaging center" project will surely become a new bright spot in the development of China's packaging industry, a growth point of foreign exchange earnings from exports and a "bridgehead" for the introduction of foreign capital

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