Five facts about the Japanese paint Market

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Five facts about the Japanese paint Market

five facts about the Japanese paint Market

March 1, 2019

Japan is one of the largest paint markets in Asia and one of the most mature paint markets - it is necessary to study it carefully. We summarize five interesting facts

Japan is the first very mature country in the world for acid resistant brick gb/t8488 (2) 001 Chinese paint. It is famous for its large automobile manufacturers, as well as its shipbuilding and technology companies. Many western countries have adopted the Japanese manufacturing philosophy, because it is well known that Japan is very effective. All these powerful industries have great demand for coatings, thus forming a large coating market, which can be widely used in aerospace, military industry and many other high-tech fields

market size

the Japanese coating market is worth about 5.2 billion euros, ranking second in Asia. Only China has a higher value market. In terms of quantity, Japan ranks third after China and India, with an annual output of 1.674 billion tons

per capita consumption of paint and coatings

the per capita consumption in Japan is 14,7 kg of paint per year. For a fully industrialized country, this value is relatively low. For example, per capita consumption in Germany is 21 kg. On the other hand, you can find countries like India that use 4kg per capita per year

the most important coating industry in Japan

like many other countries, the construction market is the most important consumer of paints and coatings. The figure also shows that Japan has a very strong automotive industry and is the second largest paint user in the country

Japanese coating manufacturers

the number of companies manufacturing coatings is relatively small. At present, about 200 companies are active in Japan

Japan is an exporting country

Japan is famous for its strong export-oriented economy. Of course, the same is true of the coating industry. The country exports twice as much as imports. As the country mainly exports high-grade coatings and only imports low-quality products with lower prices, the differences in values are more far-reaching

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