Five fixed lubrication work of the hottest offset

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"Five fixed" lubrication of offset press

equipment operators should do a good job of five fixed lubrication

(1) fixed point. According to the position and quantity of lubrication parts and lubrication points of the equipment, add and change oil, and be familiar with its structure and lubrication method

(2) qualitative determination. The quality of lubricating oil must meet the standard. When cleaning and changing oil, the cleaning quality should be guaranteed, the lubricating appliances should be kept clean, and all kinds of lubricating devices on the equipment should be complete

(3) quantitative. On the basis of ensuring good lubrication, in line with the principle of saving oil, it is required to change the oil in the oil tank and tighten the oil quota in time for each shift of each lubrication point

(4) timing. Add oil according to the time specified in the lubrication card or chart, and clean and change the oil according to the oil change cycle

(5) fixed person. According to the principle of combining special groups, specify what lubrication parts and lubrication points are the responsibility of the operators. 1. The advantages of using the pressure testing machine to refuel, and what parts are the responsibility of the lubrication workers to refuel and change oil

when doing lubrication work, you should know the lubrication point of the equipment, what kind of lubricating oil to use and lubrication cycle, and pay attention to the following lubrication points of offset press:

(1) the lubrication of Feida part cannot be ignored. Several cam surfaces should be lubricated with a small amount of engine oil. It should be noted that the paper delivery suction nozzle and the paper separation suction nozzle are made of self-lubricating materials, and there is no need to add oil, otherwise the paper powder and paper wool will accumulate to form sludge and accelerate wear

(2) check the oil quantity in the rubber protective sleeve of the universal joint

(3) the motor electromagnetic clutch should be filled with oil once a week

(4) the paper delivery teeth directly affect the paper delivery accuracy, requiring flexible, accurate and stable action. Grease the paper delivery teeth shaft, drive cam and eccentric sleeves at both ends every week

(5) the accuracy and flexibility of the front and side gauges are the guarantee of accurate paper positioning, and lubricating oil should also be added every week

(6) do not drop oil on the paper conveyor belt, paper receiving roller, motor pulley and ink roller when refueling, because the motion friction of these parts is beneficial

(7) always check the working state of the oil circuit at the drum, such as whether the oil pipe is blocked. The roller pillow should also be wiped clean and coated with an appropriate amount of grease

(8) the oil pool should be cleaned and replaced with lubricating oil every quarter. The lack of oil indicator of the oil circuit alarm valve sends a signal, indicating that the oil pressure is not enough, and the oil pipe at the highest point has no oil. At this time, the oil pool and oil pump filter should be cleaned immediately, and the iron filings attached to the magnetic block in the filter and the sundries outside the filter copper should be cleaned to ensure the cleanness of the lubricating oil. When refueling the oil pool, the height shall not be lower than the oil level indication height; It should not be too high, otherwise it will cause oil leakage

(9) the paper delivery teeth, the teeth of the imprint drum, the teeth of the paper delivery drum and the paper delivery teeth row should be cleaned and lubricated every month to ensure that the lifting force is consistent and the rotation is flexible. Of course, lubricating oil is not the more the better, to avoid splashing out and defacing the print

(10) grease the ink roller, heavy roller bearing and bearing seat once a month to ensure that the roller rotates flexibly and is easy to disassemble

(11) the die plate of the offset press is exposed outside a wall plate. Before lubrication, aluminum and its alloy materials should be cleaned because they are easy to form and process if they are found to be loose and have excellent physical and chemical properties

(12) the lubrication of the chain is also very important, especially the paper receiving chain should be wiped clean and the oil cup should be filled

(13) the safety bar node should also be lubricated, which cannot be ignored

(14) poor lubrication is an important reason for the damage of the air pump, such as too high temperature rise, too much noise and insufficient air force, so appropriate special lubricating oil for the air pump should be selected

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