Five facts about the Finnish paint Market

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Five facts about the Finnish paint Market

five facts about the Finnish paint Market

June 14, 2019

Finland is a small country with only a dozen paint and paint manufacturers. However, it has a very advanced market. We chose five interesting facts about Finland's personal view that the verification regulation of "electronic universal testing machine" is more practical and reasonable in the blue paint market

tikkurila and teknos, the two largest paint manufacturers in Finland, are located in Helsinki

Finland has only about 5.5 million residents. In addition to some larger cities, there is still a lot of rural space. However, it is one of the most developed industrial countries in many continents and is famous for its good education system

maybe this is one of the reasons why two companies in this small country are listed among the top 25 paint manufacturers in Europe

scale of Finnish paint market 1. Universal testing machine in 2017, Finnish manufacturers produced about 45million liters of paint and paint. This is equivalent to sales worth 185MILLION euros

segmentation of coating market driven by operating leverage, the company's net profit in the first quarter increased by 35.71% month on month. Most coatings in Finland are used for decoration and construction purposes. However, the industrial coatings sector is also very strong

market structure at present, Finland has 12 companies with nearly 1300 employees

per consumer, Finns use 13 kg of paint. For many industrialized countries, this is a relatively normal value. For example, the per capita consumption of Portugal is less than 11 kg, while that of Japan is 14.7 kg

foreign trade the Finnish paint market mainly focuses on exports. In 2017, the country sold 150million euros worth of paints and coatings to other markets

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