Five good habits that the hottest managers should

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Five good habits that managers should have

the five habits listed below are the five necessary habits for a qualified manager. These habits are not complex, but their use is very significant. If you are a manager, or you want to become a manager in the future, you should start from now on and try to cultivate these habits

One of the habits: extending working hours

many people despise this habit and think that as long as they improve efficiency during working hours, there is no need to work overtime for safety functions. In fact, the habit of extending working hours is indeed very important to managers

as a manager, you should not only deal with the tortuous stress of your own routine work that will have varying degrees of impact on the experimental results in an orderly manner, but also deal with other emergencies, but also aim your head at the hole and groove to think about the management and development planning of the Department and the company. There are a lot of things that don't appear or can be solved during working hours. This requires you to work for the company at any time according to the needs of the company

all the above situations require you to extend your working hours. According to different things, there are different ways to overwork. For example, in order to complete a plan, you can work overtime in the company; In order to clarify management ideas, you can read and think on weekends; In order to get information, you can contact your friends in your spare time. In short, all you have done can make you more competent in the company and consolidate your position

Habit 2: always show your interest and love in the company and its products

you should take advantage of any opportunity to show your interest and love in the company and its products, whether during working hours or after work; Whether it's for employees, customers and friends

when you spread your interest and love for the company to others, others will also experience your confidence and confidence in the company from you. No one likes to deal with pessimistic people. Similarly, the company does not want to let people who are pessimistic, disappointed or indifferent to the development of the company take on important jobs

habit 3: volunteer to undertake arduous tasks

every department and position in the company has its own department and position responsibilities, but there are always some emergencies that cannot be clearly divided into departments or individuals, and these things are often urgent or important. If you are a qualified manager, you should actively deal with these things from the perspective of safeguarding the interests of the company

if this is a difficult task, you should take the initiative to undertake it. Whether things succeed or not, this spirit of facing difficulties will also make everyone recognize you. In addition, undertaking arduous tasks is a rare opportunity to exercise your ability. In the long run, your ability and experience will improve rapidly

in the process of completing these difficult tasks, you sometimes feel very painful, but pain will only make you mature

habit 4: avoid chatting during working hours

you may be very efficient at work, or you may be tired at work and need to relax, but you must pay attention not to do things unrelated to work during working hours according to the statistics of China Association of automobile manufacturers. The most common of these things is gossip

not everyone in the company knows your current work tasks and work efficiency, so chatting can only make people feel that you are lazy or don't pay much attention to your work. In addition, gossip can also affect others' work and cause others' disgust

you should also not do other things unrelated to work, such as listening to music, reading newspapers, etc. If you have nothing to do, you can look at the relevant books of this major, find the latest professional information, and so on

in a word, you must make people feel that every minute of your working time is full and efficient

habit 5: put forward department or company management problems and suggestions to company leaders

as a manager, you must always observe what happens in the Department and company from the perspective of managers, summarize the problems found in time, and put forward management suggestions to company leaders

your superior may not arrange you to do these things, but your management ability is an important part of your superior's assessment. You must make others feel that you are always concerned about the development of the company

in addition to making management suggestions to the superior, some small management methods can be directly implemented within the Department. As long as these methods are effective and improve the work efficiency of the Department, your work will be affirmed. (end)

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