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The construction of prefabricated pipe gallery has "Hunan standard"

on January 15, it was learned from the Department of housing and urban rural development of Hunan Province that the technical standard for the structure of prefabricated and assembled integrated concrete comprehensive pipe gallery in Hunan Province, which was edited by Donghua science and technology design South University and Yuanda housing engineering, was recently approved by the Department of housing and urban rural development of Hunan Province, and approved as a provincial recommended local standard for engineering construction, which has been implemented since March 1 this year

this standard is an active practice of Hunan Province in response to the national efforts to develop prefabricated buildings and promote the construction of urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery. It is also the first provincial local standard for prefabricated comprehensive pipe gallery in China

it is understood that Yuanda residential workers completed the main construction of the 5m test section of Changsha Laodong East Road extension line 4 in five days by using the prefabricated composite assembly integral pipe gallery technology in August 2016. The preparation of the standard was approved immediately. In more than a year, Yuanda housing, industry and universities have carried out a large number of experimental studies, collected and summarized the practical experience of Changsha integrated pipe gallery projects in Zhangjiajie, Hangzhou, Urumqi and other cities, which have adopted this technology, but devices made of Evonik's new mixture materials can be gradually absorbed by the human body in the healing process

as the pacesetter of prefabricated buildings in China, Yuanda residential workers actively participated in the compilation of important national and industrial standards and local standards of many provinces and cities by 2020, focusing on the systematic construction and standardization of prefabricated buildings. At present, there are 52 standards established and under preparation. Yuanda residential also reached strategic cooperation with China Academy of Building Sciences, architectural design and Research Institute of Tongji University, China General Academy of building materials science, etc. to speed up the construction industry from "construction" to "intelligent manufacturing"

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