Precautions for installation of Shuntong PVC threa

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In order to be safe and beautiful, the wire buried in the wall needs to use threading pipe. Generally, PVC threading pipe can be selected: it is affordable, flexible and has good insulation performance. In fact, it's very good for ordinary families to choose PVC threading pipes. Just choose strong ones. The simple way is to step on them with your feet. What won't be crushed is good. Finally, a reminder: no matter what kind of threading tube is used, the wire cannot have a joint in the tube

dead lines should be avoided in circuit transformation: no matter how good the circuit quality is, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be faults in the future, and the lines need to be replaced. At this time, it is very important that the wires buried in the wall can be easily pulled out and replaced. Therefore, in the construction of electric power transformation, it is necessary to avoid causing "dead lines" that cannot be pulled in the future:

1. Of course, the most important thing is to use threading pipes to bury wires

2. The circuit wiring should grasp the "shortest distance between two ends" and should not be wound for no reason, which will not only cause dead line, but also increase the investment in power reform

3. Don't wear too many wires in a threading tube. After threading, you should pull it to see if it can be easily pulled

4. If the line has a joint, a cassette buckle panel must be left at the joint, which is convenient for replacement and maintenance in the future

5. The PVC threading pipe with diameter less than 25 shall be bent with a bender, and elbows cannot be added. Dead bends at right angles often cause dead lines





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