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Doors and windows are not only the eyes of architecture, but also the shield of household products. Excellent doors and windows create a quiet, leisure and relaxing home for consumers. A healthy and comfortable life starts with choosing excellent door and window products

the data will say that building energy consumption accounts for 40% of the total social energy consumption, and the energy consumption of buildings thrown away through doors and windows also accounts for 40% of the total social energy consumption, so by analogy, the energy consumption of doors and windows thrown away accounts for 20% of the total social energy consumption. Of course, this is only an abstract concept. In terms of internship, the role of excellent doors and windows is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is very practical. That is the importance of home energy-saving doors and windows to building energy conservation. Usually, consumers choose this type of doors and windows. There are two kinds of technologies used, one is the bridge breaking distance, and the other is the insulating glass. Pay proper attention to the time of purchase. Of course, consumers usually don't understand technical things, including profile adhesive tape and sealant, but glass must be careful. Usually, the quotation and function of glass and tempered glass are very different

as a normal use function, the main function of building doors and windows is to guard against theft. Burglaries occur through exterior doors and windows. Light people throw away assets, and heavy people hurt personal safety. Excellent door and window products have solid profiles, solid glass and accessories, and locks have the characteristics of low mutual opening rate. The second is decoration. Choosing the right color and style can also become a beautiful scenery in your home

heavy dust, many bacteria and loud noise are all questions that disturb our daily life. The original excellent doors and windows have excellent sealing, which can deal with these questions, so the bridge breaking technology doors and windows have become a certain choice for modern environmental protection doors and windows





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