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Nowadays, there are many brands in the wooden door market, and the strength level is uneven, which increases the selection difficulty for many wooden door franchisees. Whether the franchisees of wooden doors choose the right brand will often determine their future business status and development trend. As for how to choose brands for Mumen franchisees, dealers can investigate from these aspects to teach you to easily see the ways and reduce the mistakes of Mumen franchisees

I. production strength of the enterprise

whether the dealer will choose a wooden door brand depends on the production strength of the enterprise. The production strength of an enterprise includes many aspects, such as the scale of production plants, production equipment, production technology, staff size and so on. In addition, the production strength of the enterprise also involves the product renewal ability and R & D innovation ability. The former is the hard power of the enterprise and the basis of large-scale production, while the latter reflects the soft power of the enterprise and guarantees the competitiveness of the enterprise

second, brand training strength

after investigating the brand awareness, it does not mean that dealers can join at ease. Although some brands are well-known, it is unknown to pay attention to the cultivation and support of franchisees, and the investment promotion training of the headquarters is a very important part of the cooperation policy, so franchisees in Mumen need to pay attention to it. For example, whether the headquarters helps store site selection and decoration design, whether it provides opening and promotion plans, whether it carries out operation training, whether the training is professional, etc. These can reflect whether a brand has a complete training system, and are also important factors for franchisees' later operation and cooperation

III. advertising ability

no matter how good the product and strength of a brand are, it can't do without efficient advertising ability. Now advertising is an important means to expand the brand effect and spread product information. The advertising of the headquarters can not only expand the brand popularity, but also benefit the franchisees of wooden doors directly. Therefore, for Mumen franchisees, the publicity ability of advertising should also be included in the investigation factors

IV. follow up professional services

after doing the first four tasks well, it does not mean that you can choose a wooden door brand, and the follow-up professional services are also a major focus of investigation. After a period of cooperation, many franchisees may have problems in operation, management and other aspects. At this time, the follow-up help of the headquarters is particularly important. If an enterprise has a special sales service team, which divides the business team into departments in detail according to the needs of different markets, and provides more professional and detailed services according to the needs of different customers, it can easily help dealers solve all kinds of subsequent problems. Therefore, dealers should consider the follow-up professional services of the brand before choosing a brand

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