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The so-called floor heating refers to a low-temperature hot water floor heating floor; Although the types of floor heating floors sold on the market are relatively rich, not all floors are suitable for floor heating; In the face of so many floor heating floors sold in the market, as layman consumers, how to identify their quality? How to ensure that the floor heating really has the heating function

1. See whether it can provide efficient heating:

the self heating floor should have an electric heat conversion rate of more than 95% to be considered as a more efficient heating

2. See whether it saves energy:

generally speaking, the ground temperature can reach 35-41 degrees after 9 minutes of power on. This situation is more energy-saving. If the power on time to reach such a temperature is too long, it means that the energy-saving effect is not very clear

3. See whether heating is safe:

some floors use electric, gas cookers, resistance wire heating and other heating methods, which are not very safe. Therefore, when purchasing floor heating, try to buy a non-conductive insulator, so that the heating layer can only convert one kind of heat energy, and there is no potential safety hazard

4. See whether environmental protection heating is available:

as people pay more attention to health and environmental protection, consumers should also pay more attention to the environmental safety factor of self heating floors when choosing heating floors

5. See if it has noise:

of course, it is better to choose a noise free floor heating, which can create a quiet atmosphere for the whole home, especially for the elderly or children in the home





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