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When it comes to floors, many people think of ceramic tiles or wood floors. In fact, there is a very popular floor &mdash& mdash; Bamboo flooring. Because the bamboo floor is too low-key, there are many mistakes about it

when it comes to floors, many people think of ceramic tiles or wood floors. In fact, there is a very popular floor &mdash& mdash; Bamboo flooring. Because the bamboo floor is too low-key, there are many misunderstandings about it. Today, I will come to seek justice for the bamboo floor

★ don't think such bamboo is good

1. The more expensive the bamboo floor, the better? In recent years, I have 38 yuan per gram

in recent years, both the food industry and the household industry have more or less the phenomenon of shoddy quality and chaotic prices. A considerable number of consumers regard price as the primary condition for choosing flooring, and even think that “ Bamboo flooring is cheap but not good ”, Blindly pursue high priced bamboo flooring

some businesses sell for exorbitant profits “ Shanzhai ” Bamboo flooring, with formaldehyde exceeding the standard and poor waterproof and anti-skid effect, pretends to be high-quality bamboo flooring, which is marked with high price. Therefore, when consumers buy bamboo flooring, they should not only look at the price, but also pay attention to the quality of the flooring. It is best to do their homework in advance, understand it clearly, and then make a decision

2. Lovers are always old. So is the bamboo floor

many consumers think that the older the bamboo is, the stronger the bamboo floor is, and the stronger the bamboo floor is made. In fact, this is not the case. Generally, the bamboo used as the raw material of bamboo floor is 5-6 years old. At this time, the bamboo is strong and elastic; Under 4 years, bamboo is too tender, with low density, strength and hardness; However, the bamboo is too old, the fiber is aging, the toughness is poor, and the brittleness is large. Therefore, the older the bamboo, the better

3. Is thicker bamboo floor better? 10cm thick watermelon peel or

the bending strength of bamboo is higher than that of wood. 15mm thick bamboo floor has sufficient bending, compression and impact strength, and the foot feel is also good. Generally, the green and yellow parts of Moso bamboo should be planed off after being processed into bamboo chips. The thickness of bamboo chips after removing green and yellow is generally 5mm, and the thickness of three layers of bamboo chips combined into a bamboo floor is 15mm

in order to cater to the mentality of consumers that the thicker the better, some manufacturers do not go green or yellow. After gluing, although the thickness of bamboo floor can reach 17mm and 18mm, the gluing strength is not good and it is easy to crack. This practice is unscientific

★ bamboo is not as fragile as you think.

1. The dry climate in the north is not suitable for bamboo flooring? Foreign countries have been to

bamboo flooring, like multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, will be affected by the humidity in the air, but the manufacturer has fully considered the characteristics of the relatively dry climate in the north, and has controlled the moisture content of the bamboo flooring to a low level, and both sides and four sides of the bamboo flooring have been painted and treated, so it is no longer sensitive to the change of humidity in the air, so there is no problem with the use of bamboo flooring in the north, and bamboo flooring is now exported to Europe and North America in large quantities, It can also adapt to the climatic conditions there

2. Is bamboo floor easy to crack? You think it's Crispy melon

bamboo flooring, like solid wood composite flooring, is made of water-resistant adhesive through high temperature and high pressure bonding. The bonding strength is large enough to resist the stress caused by general load and temperature and humidity changes, so it is not easy to crack under normal circumstances

3. Are bamboo floors prone to insects and mildew? Believe in the power of science and technology

bamboo is rich in sugar, starch, amino acids, protein and other nutrients, which are easy to cause moths and mildew, but this characteristic has been fully considered in manufacturing. The older the bamboo is, the less nutrients it contains. Therefore, bamboo of more than 5 years should be selected as raw material

in addition, high temperature boiling, mold proof and insect proof treatment were carried out after bamboo slitting; During the carbonization process, the high temperature treatment also causes the decomposition and denaturation of nutrients contained in bamboo, and the adults and eggs in bamboo are killed

finally, in the process of hot pressing bamboo pieces into plates, high temperature and high pressure treatment are also needed to further make bamboo lose nutrients and kill pests and eggs. Therefore, in normal use, bamboo floors generally will not suffer from moth eaten and mildew

★ don't try to provoke the relationship between bamboo floor and wood floor

1. Does bamboo floor feel cooler than wood floor? It's all illusion

people generally feel that it's cooler to sleep on bamboo mats in summer, so it's natural to think that bamboo floors will be cooler than wood floors, but it's not. The thermal conductivity reflects the ability of materials to conduct heat. Materials with high thermal conductivity will emit heat, and people will feel cooler when contacting them

the thermal conductivity of bamboo and wood is related to density, and the thermal conductivity of high density is correspondingly large. The density of bamboo is 0.75g/m? The density of the left and right wood is not much different from that of most of the wood, so the thermal insulation performance of the bamboo floor is not much different from that of the target class

2. Is wooden floor better than bamboo floor? Can Guan Gong beat Qin Qiong?

the bamboo structure is dense and delicate, the color is elegant and fragrant, and the bamboo knots are dotted in it, showing the noble temperament and cultural atmosphere. There are many kinds of patterns and colors on wood floors, but most of them are dark. There is no difference between the two kinds of floors in terms of material and performance. Therefore, choosing bamboo flooring or wood flooring is entirely a personal hobby, just as vegetables and carrots have their own advantages




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