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Analysis of the carton packaging market in the Pearl River Delta region (1)

over the past 25 years of reform and development, Guangdong corrugated carton packaging has gradually formed a complete and reasonable industrial system, with many corrugated carton enterprises and corrugated cardboard production lines and the highest output value among all provinces and cities in China. Guangdong now has more than 3000 corrugated box manufacturers, most of which are located in the Pearl River Delta. For example, there are nearly 1000 in Dongguan and more than 300 in Shenzhen; There are more than 600 corrugated box production lines, of which the advanced equipment imported from China accounts for more than 20%; The output of corrugated boxes is nearly 4million tons, and the output value is about l8billion yuan

I. development process

Guangdong took the lead in reform and opening up. With the development of the national economy and the expansion of foreign trade, corrugated box packaging has developed rapidly. The process can be divided into four stages

the first stage is the stage of slow development (from the early liberation to the late 1970s). During this period, the corrugated box packaging in Guangdong was very backward. Many products were packed in gunny bags, corrugated cans, wooden cases, paper bags and iron drums. Only a few export commodities were packed in cartons. The reason why the enterprises did not comply with this declaration was that they did not confirm the type of packaging with foreign suppliers or plastic bags. Under the planned economic system, the number of commodities is small, so the number of paper product packaging factories, especially corrugated box factories, is very small, and the level of technical equipment is very low. Almost all of them are small enterprises. The plant is simple, the equipment is old, the process is backward, and the production is carried out by single machine and manual operation. Some are workshop type, and some are still using the equipment of the 1930s. The production conditions are poor, the labor intensity is high, the personnel quality is low, and the output is small. The annual output of the enterprise is generally only hundreds of thousands of square meters, and few more than one million square meters. In addition to a small amount of imported paper used for packaging cartons for export goods, most of the production paper of the enterprise uses domestic paper. Its raw materials are mainly straw pulp and waste pulp. The product quality is poor and the variety is single, almost all of which are of the same color

the second stage is the stage of rapid development (1980s). During this period, Guangdong took the lead in implementing reform and opening up, and its economy developed at a high speed, which promoted the rapid development of corrugated box packaging supporting products. The large number of "three capital" enterprises and the influx of foreign goods have made people begin to pay attention to packaging. In order to match the export products and the products of "three capital" enterprises, some small-scale packaging enterprises have been established, and foreign businessmen have also invested in the construction of packaging plants in Guangdong. Due to the opening-up policy of the special economic zones, Shenzhen and other special economic zones took the lead in attracting a large number of Hong Kong and Taiwan carton enterprises to move in. In Shenzhen, the carton enterprises have formed a pattern in which the Hong Kong funded enterprises account for 60%, the green development trend funded enterprises account for 20%, and other state-owned, collective or private enterprises account for 20%. In addition, a large number of corrugated cardboard production lines have been introduced, which makes the carton enterprises occupy an important position in the special zone and take the forefront of the carton ranks in terms of technology, quality and product grade

with the increase of foreign exchanges and the development of the national economy, people have gradually realized the importance of packaging. Various industries have invested in the establishment of packaging products production enterprises, especially the rise of township enterprises, which has played a great role in promoting the paper products packaging industry

these enterprises started from scratch, purchased foreign second-hand production lines and single-sided machines, and quickly occupied part of the market. At that time, the production equipment was mainly second-hand equipment from Japan, with a maximum width of 1.6 meters. Many old carton factories have also invested in technological transformation, which has quickly achieved economic benefits. On the basis of satisfying the demand of commodity packaging, paper product packaging enterprises began to aim at large-scale household appliances. The new production lines are all based on 1.8m. Shunde Xinlong carton factory took the lead in introducing a 2m wide production line for household refrigerators and freezers; Guangzhou Dongfang carton factory invests in the production of 7-layer corrugated board. Some foreign businessmen are based in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and carry out large-scale operation. Among them, SF and Huali carton factories rank first in Guangdong in terms of equipment level, production scale and management. There are more than 200 5-layer carton production lines in the province, meeting the needs of industrial and agricultural production in Guangdong. While large-scale introduction of foreign production lines, domestic corrugated board production equipment is also rising rapidly. Zhaoqing Jialong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (the former Zhaoqing machine flavor factory) ranks among the top three in China. With its strong technical force, it has produced a corrugated paper production line with a demand of 3.14 million tons in North America that is suitable for China's national conditions, won part of the market and made contributions to the packaging industry

the third stage is the stage of steady development (1990s). During this period, the medium and high-end carton factory has become the main force of the industry and made a positive contribution to the development of Guangdong's commodity economy. There are many enterprises with more than two production lines in the Pearl River Delta. Guangdong commodity packaging began to shift from large packaging to small packaging, and the demand for color printing products is growing. Some enterprises have added offset printing equipment to increase production varieties and create good benefits; Some enterprises invest in the production of three-layer E-shaped corrugated boxes (boxes) for the packaging of beverages and food


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